Breeding ideas

I have an old n/a premium mare I would like to breed to a nice hunter stallion. She is prinz Gaylord lines. I would like a big stallion. She has great conformation but could use a stallion with a stronger hind end. I’m in love with some stallions that are RHPSI registered, like legazy, but have had no luck finding the inspection schedule to get her approved for their registry. Does any one have some in site on getting a mare approved with the RHPSI or should I just stick with old na and what hunter stallions do you recommend with them that would add height and stronger back end.

You might be better off posting this on the Breeding forum.

Their website is

The inspections don’t usually start until mid summer, so I doubt the schedule has been set yet. Check their site in another month or two.

Sorry new to this Forum thing ill try to find the breeding one thank you.