Breeding My mare (Conteur x Warkanson X Weltmeyer)


I have a very nice mare, 16.3+ with a good pedigree ( )

I would appreciate it if you guys with professional experience to advise me on a good stallion to breed my mare.

She is very calm and very smart. She jumps very well and her ground work is amazing.
I want to breed her with a jumper stallion to have a jumper foal.

Thank you

Her damline looks more dressage-y, but you have the C and R Holsteiner lines on top. I should think you would want to maybe consider a stallion with Capital or Ladykiller lines since those are lacking. Or maybe Pilot/Polydor. It looks pretty wide open actually. You should probably try to find a stallion that is a similar phenotype and has some strengths where she might need improvement. Reece and some of the other jumper folks could help you much more than I can! Good luck - nice mare!