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Breeding Suggestions, Viscount/Valentino/Sporcken or Sir Gregory, others?

Looking to breed a more jumper based mare. She is premium hanoverian, 16.1 1/2
Considering the stallion line up…
Viscount- https://app.photobucket.com/u/Sparky9515/p/1ee71ea8-e66f-4e6d-a6e3-6dc76afaca1e
Valentino- https://app.photobucket.com/u/Sparky9515/p/1ca51068-27eb-413a-8bd1-994f2c3f33db
Sporcken: https://app.photobucket.com/u/Sparky9515/p/8875005b-a769-419a-9e57-164f988daa4d
Sir Gregory- https://app.photobucket.com/u/Sparky9515/p/c47820b6-923f-4b07-a5aa-4ebeebee3b74
Finnigan: (he is 17.1 so I am a bit leery as a smaller rider) https://app.photobucket.com/u/Sparky9515/p/fda8313f-f873-4602-98a6-a86cbf470008

Looking for more of a dressage based foal - so good movement is key. Horse will need to be all round good and a great temperment. Looking for a long-term foal for me. Which stallion would you suggest? Or, is there different one you would recommend? I am 5’2 so don’t want a giant!

Attached is a picture of the mare:

I have a foal by Viscount really nice type lovely nature and moves well

I would definitely be looking at something with shorter/stronger pasterns.


I haven’t seen too many Sir Gregory offspring I didn’t like :slight_smile:
But I would agree with endlessclimb in that you should look for a stallion to improve on her long pasterns

Any suggestions? I kind of also liked the finnigan stallion at dreamscape for that reason but he is 17.1 and I am worried about the height of foal. I’m a short rider :confused: @endlessclimb

Here is also a picture of sir gregory. Do you think he would improve on her pasterns enough? He is a smaller stallion.

It’s hard to say based on the stallion alone. I’d want pictures of his get and their dams to determine how hard the stallion stamps.

Shorter horses (not short by any means, but not 17h+) can be hard to come by.

I have a Sir Gregory colt and I absolutely adore him. He’s only 2.5yo so haven’t started him yet but I bred him to be a majority dressage based but with some jump abs so far from what I’ve seen he hasn’t let me down. He was site champion of his inspection.

Please forgive the fact that he looks like a gangly giraffe yak right now lol.

The bottom pics are a couple months old, the top pic was from about 2 weeks ago.

Wowza, he is interesting! I haven’t seen one like him before. Thanks for sharing!!!

Thank you. I wanted something flashy but still quality. He has the best brain out of any horse, no less being a baby and a colt out of every horse I’ve ever trained.

Feel free to ask any questions you want about him or breeding or whatever else you would like. He was everything and more I could have bred for or wanted.

What was the dam? Breeding?

Dam was Chantilly Lace Rpsi approved mare by Mirabeau cremello German Warmblood

My boy is approved abs branded Westfalen but is 3/4 Warmblood 1/4 TB and basically Oldenburg x Hanno.

I think he will be such a stunner when he matures!

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