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Breeding to stallion Sempatico

Breeding to stallion Sempatico
info at Silverwoodfarm.com

Booking and stud fee

This breeding includes both the booking and stud fee and is under our normal breeding contract (can be viewed at http://www.silverwoodfarm.com/contract.html) Shipping and collection costs are NOT included. This breeding is for NON-tobiano pinto mares only.


Do you do live coverings? or is everything artificial? and can you bring the mare to the farm and have your vet do everything?

I’ll start it off at $250.



No sorry

:no: No sorry no live cover. We really don’t have the room to take in outside mares, but there are several excellent facilities close by that do and that we have worked with including Apex Equine; they do excellent work and are right down the road (less then 8 miles).

Edited to add: Also it’s been asked if this for fresh or frozen… the breeding is for fresh shipped semen

$550 for me please

$600 - love Sempatico!



$850. :smiley: