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Breeding to Thoroughbred eventing Stallion Triple Twist

Breeding to TB eventing stallion Triple Twist. The winning bidder is responsible for the $200 collection/shipment fee or can do live cover. www.twistoffateeventing.com

Might anyone know how tall he is? He looks to be lovely – I love the picture of him over a fence! – but I can’t seem to find on his site how tall he is.

I suppose I could always email but thought I’d ask here first. :slight_smile:

He’s 15.3, but may have been bigger if he hadn’t been starved the first 3 years of his life. The Twist lines were smaller though, about 16 hands I think… Hope that helps!

Melissa Jefferson


Actually, for my moose of a mare, his size is not an overly major issue … I just didn’t want to worry about getting a “hony.” :slight_smile:

I shall investigate him further. He really is lovely over a fence!

I’ve put more photos on the website if you’d like to look…





$185 - AUBURN

I just saw this a little while ago and have to place a bid for my retired event mare. I knew this stallion’s father well (cared for him for 2 years), and always wanted to breed my mare to him, but I wasn’t in a position to do so at that time. Now, I am, and am happy to find that there is an “Icey” son available!


$210 - AUBURN