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Brenderup Trailer Tires

Hi All - I know the original tires for the Brendrup Baron SL are 205/65R 15 99H. Anyone fit a 205/75R? Was spacing between tires an issue? What’s the minimum spacing between 2 tandom trailer tires to avoid potential rub?

There was a post on facebook about 10 years ago by someone who had done this. She replaced the 205/65 tires with ST205/75R15 tires and said that the special trailer (ST) tires made a big difference in sway and the trailer towed better. She wanted ST tires to replace the originals which I believe are passenger car rated tires and could not find any ST tires in 205/65R15 size.

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I was able to replace mine with what was on it. I ordered online and there was a guy locally that installed at my Mom’s home where the trailer was.