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Bridle Choice Help

I’m currently trying to decide if the Schockemoehle Rio Select Figure Eight bridle is what I want to go with. I really like that it has the padded rings on the noseband and the rest of the design. I’m also looking at the Flexible Fit Equestrian Figure Eight but I’m also looking at Passier bridles now, is there a noticeable difference in leather quality between the PassierBlu Spirit line and the regular Passier bridles?

If anyone has a Schockemoehle or Flexible Fit bridle how has the leather held up? It likely wouldn’t be an everyday bridle but I would like it to hold up. I don’t mind spending money on a nice bridle I just want to make sure its actually good quality!

Also, if anyone has a Schockemoehle Rio Select Figure Eight bridle in full and/or cob and they’d be willing to measure the noseband for me I’d be forever grateful. Or point me to a size chart for it! My horse has a full sized head but a small nose so occasionally needs a cob noseband in a figure eight.

*Edit: I took the Lumiere bridle off my list and added Passier instead.

I have the Schockemoehle Montreal bridle and am very happy with it. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the brand, I guess there’s some questionable quality control, but I’m really pleased with mine. It was soft right out of the box and has held up really well:

He’s wearing horse size but has a smaller head. He could probably go in a cob noseband and then horse everywhere else. You can do mix and match with them, so you can order a smaller noseband separately or you can order all of the parts separately in the sizes you need.

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I have a Schockemoehle double bridle. It’s a nice bridle and good leather…but it’s not the best quality. As in, I’ve not bought another one when I’ve had to get my youngsters their own bridles. I also have a Solo that I feel the same way about. I keep going back to Passier…much nicer leather than the other two brands and has held up much better.

I have the Schockemohle Rio select figure 8 and love it! My guy is between cob and full so ended up going with the cob bridle but had to get some full size cheek pieces (story of my life with him). The leather has held up really well after about a year of use and its fits really nicely. I also ordered it from the UK and saved some money :slight_smile: