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Bridle fit help: Ps of Sweden VS Schockemohle sport

I’m trying to get a new bridle for my 15.1 quarter horse/welsh pony cross with a tiny face. I have him in a cob schockemohle classic bridle and I was wondering if he would be a pony or cob in PS of sweden. he is pretty much on the last holes or close on all the adjustments in his current bridle, but i’m not sure how the measurements compare to PS and there is no sizing chart. Any have experience with these brands? There is also a huge price difference between the pony (1) and cob (2) sizes on the PS website so it would be great to squeeze him in if he is on the cusp. Has anyone used the pony size PS bridle before?

I’ve had part of a pony bridle, it was the noseband and it was a hair too small for my horse. She’s now in the cob size but it’s almost on the smallest hole. I would think that anything from a Welsh D type head down would fit the pony. I was lucky and bought when they had a custom version available and they showed you how to measure for each part.

The newer PS of Sweden bridles fit small in my experience. I bought a cob size for my large pony and it was too small. She has a stocky head … but its not large. The older PS of Swedens (with the silver button the browband) fit true to size.