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Bridle for a tiny feminine head?

Just a heads up about this company: it’s located in India. You will not be able to return anything as you would have to ship it back to them overseas. They don’t have a supplier stateside.


I’ve had success with Bridles and Reins as well. The comment about no returns is correct, but they were willing (and able) to swap out different sized parts for no additional fee the last time ordered. The bridle was under $150 and came with reins and custom sized parts. Is the leather super nice? No, but I’ve still gotten tons of compliments on it. It softened up nicely after a soak in oil.

I find most leather these days no matter how expensive needs a pretty much daily dousing in leather balsam for about two weeks and after that it all softens up pretty well and looks nice.

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That is correct. I found the leather quality to be average, the sizing accurate, and the shipping slow. The price makes up for it.

I have a Keiffer for my feminine TB mare. Fits well and looks lovely. I have had it for years and has held up well.

Aesthetically speaking, i like the look of a more hunter-ish bridle than a full-out dressage bridle on a delicate head. The chunky nose on most the dressage cavessons just looks out of place.

This bridle comes in both cob and pony. They also have a good measurement chart that clearly would be helpful in your situation.

With a fine head, you also might want to consider a rolled leather bridle. They aren’t easy to find but this place makes them and has flexibility on size of parts. I dont know anything about them but good reviews.

I love rolled leather; my Schumacher and Solo bridles are mostly rolled leather. But the ones I have that buckle on the top of the crown don’t work for whatever reason with her face shape and everything gets pulled forward toward her ears.

I think I might be purchasing one of these— Passier starlight or Marcus Ehning? The starlight is available in pony size. I might try buying them in both and see which is a better fit. Holy $$.

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I have tried and returned 3 rolled bridles. Love the look, but they aren’t very forgiving with small heads.


Well, we finally found something! Random cob sized bridle I picked up in a clearance bin. And if anyone wants a brand spanking new cob size Solo bridle or Schockemole pony bridle (both are beautiful, only tried on once), let me know. :unamused:

I might have a bridle to sell you (or two). One is a Cob-but-very-small bridle. The other is a Stubben kind of bridle that is adjustable everywhere but the padded sections of the nose and brow. I don’t think I’m supposed to be selling tack here, so shoot me a PM if you wish.

Otherwise, I feel your pain. I see lots of Arabian sport horses in bridles that look clunky and overpowering on their heads. I will say that some of that comes from buckles that are all the way up at the top, with lots of bight hanging down almost the full length of the cheek piece or hanger for the noseband. The small-headed horse is the one that should send you to a good tack repair guy to have the relevant straps shortened.

Can you return the Solo bridle if only used once? Customer service seems to be a huge part of their business.

It costs $50 to ship back to Canada.