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Bridle for a tiny feminine head?

I’ve been getting away with my Schumacher Frankenbridle but I don’t like the shape of the crownpiece on my small mare’s head. Something about it makes the crown pull into the back of her ears, even without the browband and noseband loose. It’s on the smallest hole of everything and the throatlatch is huge.

I ordered a cob size Solo bridle last week and it arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful but also way too big for her head! The noseband and cheek pieces were on the smallest hole and the throatlatch and flash were laughably long. I’m going to return it with a note begging for pony bridles.

NOTHING fits this dang horse. Don’t get me started on saddles. I think I have ten girths and I’m about to buy another one. Boots, bits, blankets, etc. Her halter is yearling size.

Anyone know of any cob bridles that run very small? Or pony bridles in nice leather? Has anyone had an Anky bridle? How is the leather on the Flexible Fit bridles? Are Passier still nice?

I’ve never touched Anky bridles or Passier so I can’t compare the leather, but I’ve used this bridle with success for the smaller heads.

I have one of Schneiders Petite Dressage Cob bridles for my horse, and it fits him well. I bought the Collegiate Comfitec Cob for our double, and it’s a bit on the small side for him (like 2nd from bottom hole). I know someone else who bought the same for her refined pony.


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Joseph Sterling is a darn nice bridle for the price.
I have a little mare with a small head too…I would have bought the Schneiders Petite, but found a
I cob sized Red Barn from Just Bridles when they were liquidating and the price was a bit less.

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I looked and the Sterling bridle measures larger than Solo for the cheek pieces/crown for the cob size, so I don’t think that’s going to work for us.

Try this site: https://thecollectedpony.com/


I also understand that they are very helpful if you contact them and tell them what you need. They will help you figure out if anything they have will work for you.


Bobby’s bridles run small. I bought a cob hunter bridle and ended up selling it to a barnmate with a small arab because it didn’t fit my mare who is usually on the bigger side of cob.

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I have a pony bridle by HB showtime that I’d sell, as it was too small for my new 15 hander who has a refined but longer head. HB, SD Design, Passier all make pony sizes but I think it tends to be a little questionable what the meaning of pony size is.

ETA: I felt the HB was comparable to the Solo in quality.

I had a lovely Passier dressage bridle that was made specifically for pony/Arabs. I tried to give it away a few years back but didn’t get much interest. I ended up consigning it, but Passier does make a genuine “delicate” bridle for that horse between pony and cob sizes. I always thought it was a very delicate, pretty bridle that accentuated the best features of a refined head. Unfortunately it did not fit any of my horses and I could not see it fitting future horses so I sent it off to consignment.

If her halter is yearling sized them she would probably fit in same size as my pony. He’s in a small pony bridle with cob cheek pieces and cob browband. Pony browbands pull the crown piece forward, was too small.

I purchased a pony bridle and then purchased browband and cheek pieces separately.

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This site lets you choose sizes for every part of your bridle so you can mix and match as needed.

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I was also going to suggest Bridle2fit, since most everything else didn’t seem as if it was going to work for you. Sometime you just have create a special customized bridle out of different parts.
I’ll bet your mare is lovely

The anatomic style Passiers with cutout for ears in cob size are really adjustable and fit a wide range. My 16" KWPN gelding with a very feminine head wears one, and there is another at the barn for the very petite 13.1 Arab cross pony that my daughter rides.

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I have a Passier cob size for my mare with a petite head. It fits her very well. I’ve also used a Solo and the Passier definitely fits her head shape much better.

You can also try working with the Collected Pony as they can help you put together different pieces from the same brand so that it will fit just right for not extra costs.

Do you know how it compares to Flexible Fit?

No, I’ve never heard of Flexible Fit.

I used Bridles2Fit for an 18h horse whose head was huge in some places and small in others. Did lots of measuring to compare what worked with the bridle he had, and what needed to change.

Flexible Fits leather quality has gone massively downhill. Last thing I ordered from them had funky stitching and felt like cheap leather. I used to be a fan but not since they moved to US.


This is disappointing. I’ll check out bridle2fit; I briefly looked at their site and it was not as user friendly as FFE.

Bridles and Reins often runs 40% off sales. I order a bridle in cob size, then cheek pieces or noseband in pony and piece it together.

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