Bridle nameplate?

Hi all, I have a background in western and a passing acquaintance with h/j. I am now looking to purchase a starter dressage bridle for my new horse. I really like the idea of a nameplate on my headstall, but I don’t know if it’s “the thing” in dressage land. If so, could I go with a silver color, to better coordinate with the black leather? I would also like to use this bridle for clinics and local shows. What do dressage folks generally do?

It isn’t really a “thing” but you can get a plate riveted on the crown. They are small and discreet, and you’d probably want to get it in the same metal as the bridle hardware.


I’m really a H/J rider but started taking lessons and doing local dressage schooling shows last year. I have a silver nameplate on my saddle and one bridle on the crown piece. I got a second bridle and have a tiny round silver name tag hanging from a cheek piece buckle - the crown is very padded and I didn’t think a nameplate would sit right. I have not seen any other nameplates at dressage shows. I just couldn’t help it, my tack felt naked without nameplates.


For some reason, this isn’t a “thing” in dressageland, although I don’t know why. I think a small name plate on the crown piece looks nice. If you’re worried about having one on your bridle at clinics and shows, local or big recognized ones, once you’re mounted no one but you would know it’s there. And frankly, no one will care if they do see it.

I’m not saying there are no trends in dressage, but trends do not have the importance in dressage that they have in the H/J or even the Western show rings.

Agreed. If you want one, get one!


As a bit checker at shows I’ve seen a couple of them. Most dressage bridles these days come with padded crowns or monocrowns which can be too thick for chicago screws or rivets. Sometimes, bridle plates can interfere with the padding or even ruin the bridle. I’ve seen plates installed on crowns, and also occasionally seen them installed on the cheekpieces themselves vis a vis H/J trend.

I have a bridle plate on one of my dressage bridles. It’s the Stubben Limerick (split headstall bridle), so very dated - I have the bridle plate installed right on the crown. I think that bridle style, the split headstall function makes padding negligible.


there are various lengthens of the Post for a Chicago screw usually in quarter inch increments… I know they are easily available

Yes, that is true, but find someone who wants to put a $15 plate through their 3" thick, $500 bridle:


Just a few popular/common brands in dressage, where it isn’t even possible to do a plate.


All mine just have little charms. I think in HJ or in the olden times it might have been a little more popular because all of the bridles look very similar. Now I’m not likely to mistake my 20 year old Vespucci double for my barnmate’s gold-padded crocodile leather bridle. But I do buy them little charms because I like them.


I have a small name tag that I clipped on to the cheek piece buckle like a bridle charm. My bridle has a soft padded anatomical monocrown so I have no interest in trying to put a plate on it.

Ugh. And it’s because sometimes at shows people will walk off with yours if your name isn’t on it :frowning:

I’ve made a few because i couldn’t find any that were sterling. So i was forced to make my own lol. They’re down in the tackroom somewhere, think i know where…(?) Haven’t put them on a bridle yet, waiting for a time when we’ll actually be somewhere where there are other people besides me and my coach. *cause i can’t see it and she doesn’t care.

Back in the olden days i used to put nameplates on their bridle crowns. They pop off pretty easily, or get bent, scratched and funky looking. Nice in the beginning though.

Ah, I can see that a nameplate on the crownpiece would interfere with the elaborate padding. Even the starter bridles I’ve found can be padded or monocrown. I wonder why it’s common in dressage- do horses prefer it?