Bridle Recommendations for Petite Mare TB

I am looking for recommendations on a bridle to use for my 5 year old OTTB. She is 16.1, but has a more petite build (head, legs, etc.). I am training her for eventing.

She definitely needs horse size, but I struggle to find a bridle where the brow band isn’t huge and the noseband and flash don’t go all the way to the last hole. I know I could punch more holes, but then it looks funny with all of the excess leather.

I am wanting a high-quality, black leather bridle. Currently have a snaffle bridle with flash, but open to other options.

Thanks in advance!

Have you considered a mix-n-match type bridle? I think Antares and PS of Sweden used to offer that, and Bliss of London still does if you order from their website.

Kieffer has some nice options for petite faces.

I’m very happy with the Henry James bridle that I ordered (and I’m someone who is not fond of black tack). I posted picks here: Please help a hunter princess find a butter-soft dressage bridle

I use a cob sized Micklem for my petit TB mare

Check out British bridle work. Tons of selection and they are good quality for good prices. Many have mix and match or will let you send your measurements.

Maybe not super helpful… but avoid smartpak. I bought one of their event bridles for my petite faced ottb and it just doesn’t fit right at all. My (15+ year) old ADT fits her like a glove but I don’t know anything about their current bridles. Let us know when you find a good one!

I have a petite OTTB mare and I recently bought a nice bridle for her on sale at
I bought her the cob size and it fit well.
Interestingly, during the Landrover sale, I purchased a nice cob sized bridle for 25% off from World Equestrian Brands for my other horse and it was not a great fit on the petite OTTB. So, I would definitely recommend the bridlesandreins place for smaller sized cob bridles. The quality was very good for a bridle I paid $68 for!

I have a petite headed TB - he fits a cob halter. I tried the mix and match through Flexible Fit and wasn’t impressed. We ended up with a Montar Monarch in cob - It has an adjustable headstall. It fits quite well. He’s adjust to middle holes, so there is even a bit more room should his head suddenly grow lol.

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I would agree with the SmartPak comment. I have “normal” head sized horses and and the horse size is on the last hole on the cheekpieces and the throatlatch is huge. However, the cavesson fits on a normal hole…? I like SmartPak for a lot of things but just find their bridle sizing to be a bit off.

My petite faced OTTB is currently in a horse sized Micklem that was able to be adjusted to fit well. I want to say he’s near the top of the cheekpiece part but definitely not on the last hole.

Butet makes gorgeous figure eights or hunter bridles that work on petit faces.

Also Antares are very nice on smaller head.