Bridle Recommendations

Looking for recommendations on the “best” bridle that can be used in all 3 phases. Curious about the anatomic bridles. Top priority is comfort for the horse and leather quality.

What’s your favorite bridle?

I like the older Lazer Bridles.
Excellent leather and very low price point for the quality. Are fully adjustable on both sides and on some models at the top of the crown. Some models have an anatomical crown piece.
I have two - one bought in the early 2000’s that my dark brown daily and show cross country and show jumping and a black padded that’s dressage.
Personally I place premium on leather quality - I have saddles, fittings, trucks etc that are decades old because original quality, properly maintained , should last a generation.

Can you post a picture of your horses head?

Granted, I’m sponsored by them and I have a coupon code “Claire+Lumiere” Also the site is odd, this bride says one price $219 on the bridle page, which is believe is AUD. Then at check out is only $160 USD, with my coupon code and shipping it still comes down to $145 USD. So my opinion also comes from a bias of sponsorship

I used the Milan bridle for multiple phases in the dark brown, though it comes in black and light brown. It has the anatomical crown piece, comes with reins, and a “full” fit my 16h average horse close but not at the top hole. The flash is removeable, as seen in the photo (close up of noseband -> )

The leather quality is not comparable to Antares/Devoucoux uber soft to touch. But, at under $200 USD, IMO it’s the highest quality of softness/maleability. I could adjust the keepers, etc. fairly easily. And in a year of use on multiple horses, I haven’t had any of the bridles break with less than average cleaning.

I initially ordered their breastplates pre-sponsorship, the breastplate arrived in less than a week, and I found the customer service really friendly and prompt. So, if there is a size issue, while shipping internationally would be more, there is pony, cob, and O/S as well.

Milan ->

PSA I just did a little video of the Madeline bridle I use for dressage, it’s really pretty

I’ve worked for a few Antares sponsored riders as a freelancer, and they are very nice bridles and stand out over all the other brands I’ve worked with and felt. Soft and supple without stretching too much, attractive, hook and eye instead of buckles, and easy to clean. They have the poll relief headpieces too.

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Agreed. I have the Antares original and its hands down the nicest bridle I’ve owned. Pricey though.

I’ll third Antares, but the price is very high. If you can get it used like I did ($150) it is worth it. Another one who thinks leather-wise this is the nicest bridle I’ve owned or cleaned – and I am a leather snob.

I’m going to give another plug for Eponia: their leather is fantastic for the price point and they age well. I get compliments on mine where ever I go, which isn’t the same for my other bridles. One of these days I’ll be able to get a good picture of my crew in their bridles - one has the Eponia Ginger, the other has the Eponia Violet Waters – but both of them are so interested in what I’m doing that any time I take a photo they look like moose and the quality is blurry. :laughing:

How do Antares bridles compare to CWD? I was a bit desperate to find a dressage bridle for one of my weird sized horses and ended up with a CWD that he loves. It is not a brand I’d ever considered but I have to admit it’s beautifully made. I think with a different cavesson I’d do all three phases in it. I have considered looking for a jump bridle that is similar although hopefully used as the price point is high. It just occurred to me to look at Antares based on the above recommendations.

WAY way way way nicer. Make sure the high end Antares though and not the new cheaper line they have out.

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Anyone tried the Anteres Precision Y noseband bridle? Good/bad? Assume the leather quality is phenomenal based on price $$$

If, theoretically, the enablers here convinced me on an Antares origin bridle - do you also have recommendations for reins? I’m guessing also Antares - do their reins also have 2 quality tiers now? Curious if they are also worth the premium.

I swapped my Eponia pebble reins out onto the Antares. Not sure the reins are worth the extra price. I’m particular about my reins and want a specific feel.