Bridle Search ASAP

I have a clinic this weekend and have been putting my tentacles out to find the bridle I really want… for months. Settled on a Passier Fortuna and made plans to head to the tack shop only to give them a call and find out that all the Passier’s are gone. I was going to make a stop by Atl Saddlery and Dover in Alpharetta ahead of the clinic only to see that, nope, no bridles for you.

So, I’m on an extremely tight deadline and you all are my last hope. The search has been extremely difficult because of my requirements.

Cutback crownpiece for my mare’s oversized donkey ears.

A SUBSTANTIAL noseband. Prefer cavesson but will just cut/remove the flash. Her face is massive! I’m 5’7 and her head is my entire upper body, without the ears. She’s solid, old-school build and can easily carry a 2" noseband.

Prefer $300 or less.

Here is the real kicker though, it needs to be an oversized bridle. So all suggestions are welcome. Furthermore, if you know of any tack shops in the FL Panhandle, Lower Alabama (Montgomery, B’ham and Mobile are ok) or around Alpharetta that would have this magical unicorn bridle made by elves, please let me know.

HOWEVER, I will order from a tack store and have something overnighted if I can have it by Thursday (I know, I know…). So what say you COTHers, can you help me out?!

These both look nice:

VTO is great. If you call them, I bet they will fix you up with a nice bridle and fast shipping.

Dover has the Passier Fortuna listed. Maybe call them to order and make sure it’s in stock, since you’ve been running out of luck elsewhere?

i have one that i had for a previous horse,doesn’t fit my new guy,but i am in canada.couldn’t get it to you in time.

Do you need a snaffle or a double? (and since you have been checking the stores close to me, are you doing Jeremy or Claes this weekend?!)

Dover has several of the bridles you are looking for… I would go w Passier… good brand. I am not a fan personally of the Fortuna (I don’t like the elastic @ the browband) but I have the Passier Ingrid Klimke and could not be happier with it. It has a recessed bit ring cavesson that is BIG big big, and looks fabulous on my ox-headed TB.

Send me an email. Not a private message, but an email.

I went through this search very recently and have some ideas for you, but you will have to act quickly. You can have one shipped to you that will arrive by Thursday. And no, I have nothing to sell, so I have no gain here. :slight_smile:

I believe in Passier, Stubben, etc. because of the quality you know you will get. Leather that will last and last and has the correct feel, well made by craftsmen.

I have just ordered a Courbette for the same reason, for the o/s head and with wide cheekpieces. I have the Stubben 1000, also for the large headed horse, but you might want a bigger noseband,although you might be able to get one from the supplier…

Good luck for the speedy resolution to your problem… honestly, for that kind of money and you make a rush decision! :slight_smile:

Myrba, in Chilliwack - if only I had known…I’m in Langley.

Myrba, in Chilliwack - if only I had known…I’m in Langley.[/QUOTE]

too bad Foxtrot.maybe you need a 2nd one…

Thanks for all the responses. I am doing the Jeremy clinic. Everyone I have talked to says that the bridle is either out of stock or they could order it but would not get there in time. It seems like the biggest barrier is the O/S requirement.

I think I may just get a stop-gap bridle and order her Passier at a later date. Not to take this thread, off, but has anyone tried the PS Revolution bridle? It would fit her head so nicely, but before I fall in love, I’m going to call USEF & USDF to make sure it’s legal.

Mutlu1, I sent you a PM. :slight_smile: