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Bridle Search (Photo in Post)

I use this bridle (Presteq Faysport) for schooling:

I would love to be able to find a bridle to show in that is very similar to this one (without the snaps). Any recommendations?

PS of Sweden Nirak or Pioneer?


I agree the Nirak may be your best bet. I’d go through the photos in the current Annex A, as this is sufficiently different that I’d want to buy something that they have specifically ruled upon


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Great, thank you so much. I’ll check this out. I appreciate it.

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Maybe this bridle from EvoEquine:

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I use this bridle. good English leather. there is one model w flash. like Pristiq, the browband slides inside the cheek pieces, so no rubbing.

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I really like this bridle: https://www.lemieux.com/us/horsewear/saddlery-tack/arika-drop-bridle-black-silver#selection.size=6709&selection.color=7726

It looks very similar in design to yours sans snaps.

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I do like this one (Devore). I looked online, though, and the other side has a snap. :frowning: Bummer

Close! The one I have cuts away at the ears more. This one at least appears to be straight. I may have to see this one in person. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all!

It isn’t always possible to remove bit clips, but I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be able to remove a snap on the noseband and use it like a regular buckle. Worst case scenario, you might have to buy a longer crank strap if the snap is large - but that’s a cheap order, and places like Bridle2Fit make them in 5 sizes.

my horse LOVES this one from TSF

I went with this one. The PS of Sweden doesn’t come with a throatlatch which is illegal. They have they separate to order but only xl right now.

The Antares Y noseband (don’t know if the precision Y crown is USDF legal, I’m an eventer). I actually looked at the one you posted as a potentially less expensive alternative to buying another one, but I just adore the leather on the Antares bridles. Much cheaper if you order from Europe too.

I bought an Arika bridle but sent it back as I didn’t like the thin width of the straps.

I appreciate everyone’s responses. :slightly_smiling_face: