Bridles w/initials in stitching

Jimmy’s tack quality speaks for itself. I worked with my Dad from 1979-1981, and again briefly in the late 1980’s. He was a demanding teacher and master bridlemaker second to none, and he still is. When you put the quality into the work, it shows in lasting performance. Dad ties in the hand stitching so it won’t come loose an dhe uses wear resistant thread. He uses the best leather money can buy and finished the edges of the leather by hand to keep the oils and tallows in the leather, the life’s blood for English leather.

The hardware he uses is stought cast bridle hardware that doesn’t cut into the leather like the cheap stamped stuff does.

And, he uses the best tools for the job. I saw first hand all the work that goes into his bridles. It is a testiment to his craft that his bridles are still in use 40 to 50 years later - absolutely increadible! Quality matters, and in the end you spend less when you buy the best quality, even if the purchase price is high. Shop smartly. You won’t be sorry! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Weatherford;6376326]Jimmy Wiebe (Jimmy’s Saddlery) was the first to do that back in the 60’s (when he invented the stitched bridles in the first place!!)

His son, Jim, continues the tradition with[B] Bennett’s Hunter™ Fine Bridles and Saddlery.

[/B]Unfortunately, the only way I know to reach Jim is through Facebook. Try him there - his workmanship is as gorgeous as his Dad’s!! :)[/QUOTE]

I believe this is what he uses as his website!

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Your Dad made a bridle for my daughter with her initials on the nose band around 1985. It is a treasure that she has taken great care of over the years and is still one of the nicest pieces of tack she owns. So glad to hear you are carrying on the tradition!


The website is

Merry Christmas.


Holy cow all these ancient bridle threads being resurrected are a blast from the past

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Merry Christmas Jim

Do you make halters as well as bridles?

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I don’t think I can answer in this forum. What is your email?

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I have one of Jim’s bridles that I bought a few years ago. I sold all my hunter bridles except for this one when I moved to the jumper. Just the SMELL of the leather when you open the box is so reminiscent of what tack was like decades ago. It STILL smells amazing. I have an Hermes which isn’t nearly as nice.

I’m getting two more made for my jumpers and I cannot wait. Jim has been incredibly responsive over FaceBook messenger, he’s patient with my dumb questions, and gives clear guidance for measuring bridles or clarifying any details so that it’s made exactly as I would like. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.


Bennett’s Hunter Fine Bridles makes them! They are extremely expensive, but gorgeous! The guy who makes them is Jim Wiebe’s son (who made Jimmy’s tack).

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Bumping up this thread. Anyone have a photo with the monogram stitching? Does it hold up?

IIRC, there are photos on the website. I had a bunch of Jimmy’s bridles from the 90s that I stupidly got rid of. They were amazing. If quality now is anything like it was then, you can’t go wrong.

Jimmy, I have known you and your dad since his days in NJ. (Back then, my name was Pam Hall). I am the proud owner of a monogrammed noseband from the late 70’s. It is good to see you are still making such exceptional tack. PS: My old noseband with PBH on the front fit my old TB, but does not even go all the way around my 17.3 WB’s nose, so it gets little use. But it carries priceless memories.

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