Bridles w/initials in stitching

Dover ages ago used to carry bridles where you could get your initials in the stitching in the brow and noseband… has anyone seen them for sale since?

I haven’t. But then I’m not a fan of extra stitching as that seems to be where things break. Sorry, not so helpful.

I have mine from Dover…I think it was close to 20 years ago that I bought it. I have had no problems with the stitching. I still get compliments and questions about where to purchase one. Have not seen them anywhere since.

With how great Smartpak is with customizing things, call them up and ask. They may be able to help.

I will sell mine to anyone with the initls PBH:)


Not sure if it is a Dover, but I still have my mother’s. It was my equitation horse’s schooling bridle. Love that bridle.

Ooh! That sounds gorgeous, I want one!

Im ready to legally change my name. I covet your bridle.


I have one that I bought from Dover in the 90’s… I absolutely adore it and always get lots of great compliments. It still looks great and you’d never know its so old! Would love to get another one if anyone finds a place that makes them:)

Or to anyone who loves Peanut Butter Hoagies? :smiley:

Anybody have pics of this sort of bridle?

You could try this guy. Not sure how to contact him or anything just came across his site looking for examples of initials in bridles. Not sure of his quality of leather or anything either.!cpZZ20QQtppZZ20

east bound - I sent you a PM with the name of a person who makes them :slight_smile:

I wanna know too!! Since I can’t think of a way PBH fits my initials at all, a new one is the next best bet. :lol:

Jimmy Wiebe (Jimmy’s Saddlery) was the first to do that back in the 60’s (when he invented the stitched bridles in the first place!!)

His son, Jim, continues the tradition with[B] Bennett’s Hunter™ Fine Bridles and Saddlery.

[/B]Unfortunately, the only way I know to reach Jim is through Facebook. Try him there - his workmanship is as gorgeous as his Dad’s!! :slight_smile:


See post #47.

Ginger Jumper- Weatherford posted the person I recommended! :slight_smile:


See post #47.[/quote]

LOL. Yep, that is my noseband. I pulled it out of a dusty old box to take the picture.

It is a Jimmy’s noseband from the early 1980’s


I love the “H” stitching on Lucassb’s Hermes bridle, would prefer that over my own initials.

If anyone has questions about hand stitched monograms on nosebands, bridle crowns, belts, collars, email me at and I’ll reply. I’ve been a bridle maker for over 30 years, family trained, and can answer any questions on custom Hunter/Jumper bridles and other tack.

Jim Wiebe


I love the fact that all my Jimmy’s tack from the 60’s and 70’s remains in use today! :wink:

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