Bringing my eventer to Virginia Tech

I’m going to Virginia Tech in the fall and was just wondering the best way to go about bringing my eventer with me. Are there any specific barns in the area you recommend? And should I commute from the campus to the barn or can I take the public transportation? Is it even do-able for me to have a job that can afford keeping her up there?

I’m in Cville but I think I know someone who went to tech with an eventer. I’ll message her and try and find out more.

We have a boarder who is at VA Tech (she’s at my barn summers and holidays). I’ll ping her and find out where she boards and whether you need a car (kind of think the answer to that is yes)…

Following for a friend! She is in Vet school at Va Tech.

OK, so our boarder down there says the two places that are eventer oriented/have xc jumps are Paris Mountain (20 mins from campus) and Easy Wind (15 mins from campus). She’s at Paris Mountain which is also “the only barn around” with an indoor, good for this time of year. Turnout fields are “small,” she says (her horse is out on the 70 acre xc field when she’s up with us so …).
Hope that helps!

Great I’ll look into those! Thanks!

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