Broken splint bone in foal

Hi guys. I’m not sure if this is the right group, but you’ve all been so much help about my goal both before and after foaling.

48 hours ago, I found my 4 month old foal (with his mare and pasture mates) in the field non weight baring on the right front. I got him in. He had a wound below his knee that resembled a kick mark. I have a background in veterinary medicine (ICU nurse) so did all the acute care needed. Called the vet. X-rays revealed a fracture in the upper 1/3 of his splint bone. We are doing everything systemically that we can. I’m just looking for any positive stories of people who might have dealt with this. Or at the least jingles. I love this colt so much. TIA

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My mare was not a foal , but about 3 weeks after I bought her she somehow ended up with a broken distal splint bone.

The vet explained that it was non weight bearing.
She ended up having to have surgery but after wards she did recover and was sound enough to ride.

As long as you follow the after care protocols and keep the wound clean and avoid infection your foal should recover.

Jingles for you and your foal.
Keep us updated .

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No experience with this injury with foals but my large pony had a fractured splint bone and he eventually healed up and was just fine. The splint was ugly but never bothered him once it healed and he was still toting kids around until unrelated arthritis in other legs caught up to him
in his 20s.

Hope your foal heals up well for you! Sending good vibes your way.

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I can offer not advice, but I can toss out some Jingles!

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Well, good luck with it. Is your vet planning on removing the lower part? Or are you immobilizing it and hoping it will heal? It feels like the end of the world right now, but this sort of fracture is usually gonna be OK, heal up and be sound, the only decision is whether to take the broken piece out surgically, or not. Have seen it go both ways successfully. Consider freeze firing it at some point… practically a painless procedure for the horse, and does drive healing to completion better than just leaving it. Not something to consider right now, but maybe in a few months. Especially if you leave the broken piece in there rather than surgically removing it.
Though you are feeling pretty rotten about this right now, “it coulda been worse”. Ain’t owning and breeding horses just grand?


Had an adult horse fracture a splint bone. It was slightly displaced. The vet wasnt sure if it would heal on its own but we decided to try. Fortunately it healed fine with only a bump where the bony callus was. Horse was sound for many more years.

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Due to complications of the fracture (the wound communicated with the joint which became infected) we had to euthanize my precious boy this morning. I’m beyond heartbroken. I don’t have children and he was one of them.


Oh man. I’m so sorry to hear this. :cry:

Oh no. I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you. :broken_heart:

Oh, I am so so sorry to read this.

Very, very sorry to hear about your baby

That is awful! I am so very sorry! RIP little one.

Sorry to hear this. Heartbreak and loss is a very real part of breeding, raising and keeping horses. There isn’t anyone here (who has been a horseman for any length of time), who has not felt what you are feeling right now. They are so fragile.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Oh how awful. So sorry.

I’m so sorry. Hugs to you.

So very sorry for your loss

I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending comforting vibes your way.