Bromont 2023

Is anyone attending, either to spectate, compete or volunteer this year? I’m considering it but the driiiiiiive (in the car, that is) :grimacing: It’s almost 7 hours. So torn.

We will be there competing for sure! Not sure if it will be with our pair (hopefully) or a single. And I hear you on the drive. Its over 8hr for us but a great show!! Totally worth it.

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And you have horses to consider on that 8+ hour drive.

I really shouldn’t complain!

Hey, fuel isn’t cheap so I totally get it! I hope you are able to come out as its such a great venue and show. Lots of fun and so many great horses and drivers!

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I spectated last year and enjoyed the scenery and location as much as the event itself! But a couple people from our local club mentioned they were planning to compete there this year so perhaps I can offer myself up as a warm body to groom or head or ??? :smile:

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