Brood Mare for 2014 Colored Sport Horse Breeding Program

My 15.3 Appendix mare Hold The Moon is available (free lease) if someone is looking for a good prospect for their colored sport horse breeding program (reputable and experienced breeders only!).
I am mentioning colored sport horse breeding program because Moonie’s sire has the homozygous gene. She is an excellent jumper, very athletic and did just as great when I took her out on cross country.
The main reason I would like to lease her out this year is because I would like to focus on my young Warmblood gelding that is getting saddle broke and will start with his new journey under saddle. I would like to direct all my attention and focus to my young man and thought this would be a great opportunity for Moonie to have a foal.
If she does not find a job as a mama within the next few months I will get her back in training for eventing.
I am not sure how to post photos but here’s a link to a video in slow motion.
Thank you