Bucas vs. Diablo Storm

I’m looking to buy my horse a new 150gm turnout and I’m torn between the Bucas freedom turnout (with neck) and the Diablo storm (with neck). My horse is pretty chunky so I’m always concerned about rubs and the diablo has a gusset unlike the Bucas, however I recently bought a Bucas freedom stable and its been great with no rubs.
What its really coming down to is the durability as my horse really loves to play and the waterproof-ness as he does not have a shelter during the day.
Just wondering what peoples experiences are with these blankets and which they think is better as they are both in the same price range where I have found them?

I only have experience with the Bucas - the Freedom is one of their more economical lines and only 600D. That said, I still think it’s a great blanket for the price.

But I would be a little concerned for a horse that tended to be rough on blankets or lived with one that nipped or chewed at blankets. Their Smartex line is a lot more $ but super durable and has a lot of nice features. Should last a really long time. I had the Bucas Irish Turnout (seems very similar to the Freedom) and it lasted 3 winters before waterproofing failed, but it did get sun damage too. This on a horse that is not rough on blankets.

As far as the fit - I’ve never had the Bucas not fit any horse - small narrow things and big barreled horses all fit good in the shoulders with no rubs. I don’t know how it’s possible, but one of the reasons I love the Bucas lines.

Okay great! Thanks for the response :slight_smile: