Buck Brannaman Accident

Good afternoon, saw the following on his website and wondered if there is any news about how Buck is doing. https://brannaman.com/index.html

Oh gosh, I can’t imagine…

Oh wow! That sounds awful. I haven’t heard anything but maybe someone will chime in

Someone on FB that knows him said three horses died in an accident. I am assuming it was a trailer wreck but there is no confirmation. I have seen conflicting posts on if he was injured or not.

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According to his website’s 2020 clinic calendar, he would have just concluded a clinic in Kiowa, Colorado; then on to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I don’t know if covid-19 has affected his clinic schedule for this year. I was just wondering if he’s ok. Am sure someone knows…hope he is doing well…

We do have several wildfires burning here in Colorado. Not sure if they, combined with COVID, would affect clinic schedules and/or attendance.
Very smokey, unhealthy air for man and beast present in many areas of Colorado right now.

Buck is injured, recovering, asking for privacy as he and family grieve their loss. A statement will be issued by him or family in the future. This is all I know. No details on how, what, when, extent of Buck’s injuries. I, personally, don’t need the details. I just wanted to know if he was ok.


Reata has said that Buck is not injured. They ask that as he continues with his clinic schedule people refrain from talking or asking him about it.
I am so heartbroken for them.


Jingles for them and their connections. Losing three horses has to be horrible.

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Thank you. I had received info differently. Good to know he was not injured.

This is what Reata posted on FB.

As if 2020 hasn’t been hard enough, our family suffered a terrible loss of 3 of our horses on the road with dad as well as one of Robbie’s. Sad and terrible day for everyone involved. Dad and Robbie are uninjured; aside from broken hearts. We ask that you allow us privacy and to regain our footing from this tragic ordeal on our own. We ask that during the following weeks, allow Buck the closure by not asking for details, allow him to teach and move forward. As you all know, our horses are our lives and we owe everything to them. We are beyond blessed that we have 3 amazing horses that will follow in the footsteps of their brothers that came before and left us all too soon. Dad will be continueing on with his clinics starting this weekend with Boozy, Tito and Shooter. All we ask is for everyone to say a prayer so god knows that those four horses waiting at heavens gate are ready for him to swing a leg over and enjoy as much as we did ♥️


Wow this is terrible. I hope everyone attending his clinics can be mindful and respectful. Sometimes it helps to get back into a routine but it’s hard when everyone around you knows.

So sad. I feel for him and his horses. Just awful.


Everyone who hauls’s worst nightmare. I hope people give them space and time.

I am surprised that there are not any news articles about an accident that took the life of four horses owned by someone whose name is known. The media is not known for giving someone their privacy during a difficult time.


Perhaps it was not a collision, but some other type of incident in which law enforcement was not involved.


Yea I was supeised by that as well. I’m in Colorado and haven’t heard a peep about anything. Not just because he’s well known but if 4 horses are killed in an accident that usually makes the news… no matter who it is. In any case no one needs to know the details. It’s just very tragic.


You mean like he fed them cow feed with meds in it that are toxic to horses (not saying this is what happened, just the only thing I can think of)?

It seems weird that they would mention that the humans were not injured and describe it the way it was described if it was something like that.

I am in no way saying the population deserves the story. I am simply saying I am surprised it is not out there even with out their permission.


I was thinking that accidents involving horses in a trailer can happen without a collision being involved, a horse that has slipped and panicked etc…The possibilities are endless.

I certainly don’t need to know what happened and I can understand that questions about what happened and sympathy from customers could be hard for them to bear right now.

I’d think that a brief comment regarding the incident would probably be more helpful in preventing his clinic participants from asking questions and expressing sympathy, than saying (in so many words) please just don’t bring it up. I get the impression that his fans must know his horses, so it would be natural for them to care.