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Bug Lyte

Has anyone used Bug Lyte -supplement with garlic that is supposed to deter flies . Or any supplement that would do the same.

I feed garlic for ticks, and find it effective for that. I don’t find it effective at all at deterring flies.

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I bought it to try, and my completely never-ever picky eaters (all three of them) wouldn’t touch it.

I thought this year I might start with a much smaller dose and work my way up. We shall see.

I feed HorseTech’s Buggzo. It does not deter flies really judging by swarming, stomping, swishing, but my horses who get awful welts from bug bites don’t get those nearly as much when fed the supplement.

I also use Buggzo. I am in GA, and we have lots of flies. Although I have a small, closed herd, I have found that it is very effective. Even those horrible tiny biting flies stay away!