Building a driving obstacle?

So, my co-op-ish barn is reclaiming a field next to the stable. Apparently it was used as a cross country field many decades ago, but we wanted to make it into something a little more multi-discipline related. They are putting up a few cross country jumps and building some trail obstacles. They said if I could provide the materials and plans they would provide the tools and manpower to build me a driving obstacle in the field. I don’t know what would be the best option. The field is a gentle rolling hilly area with open “channels” that wind around some large trees, the channels are probably 20 meters wide or so. It would need to be something that the other riders could maneuver around fairly easily, so it can’t be too huge. If you could build something to practice with what would it be? How big should it be compared to my cart? I am also hoping I can get them to build the bridge big enough for me to drive the cart over.

a course for precision or speed?

look at page PD 21 of attached for clearances…%202-11-20.pdf

Probably not going to be able to make an entire course, more likely a single set of gates. Reading through that I think I will go with the flat 80 inch size. It will be large for my pony, but I can always tighten it up with a pair of cones if I want to work on precision. Hard to make a static object larger.

A friend of mine just ties pallets together, them tosses then on the burn pile at the end of the season, also barrels, of course. I’m going to do that next season. This year I took some 5" width pvc pipe and cut them to 4’ heights, then set them over a step in pole for electric tape. Mixed results with that, so I mostly used my 9 and 16 cone grid, start out with generous spacing and tighten it up as the season gets closer.

But the best idea I saw was just a grid of posts with the fence board temporarily attached (twine, etc) and moved to create a new pattern as needed. Brilliant!

somewhere in my garage is a file that our youth club put together when our Morgan club built Rowlett Creek Combined Driving course (this event has since been dropped…the course is now a subdivision) … but every step of the construction was documented … the youth group used it as their presentation to win a year end award at the national level