Bully Sticks

Suggestions for safe, made in USA brand that is available online? And comes in a good size for a XL dog?
The brand I used to get has been unavailable and I’ve gotten two different kinds from Amazon that said made in the USA but arrive with clear made in China stickers

Beefeaters are USA sourced and made. I get them at BJ’s - https://www.bjs.com/product/beefeaters-no-odor-natural-bully-sticks-6-ct/3000000000001834751

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Pawstruck, not made in America per se, I think it’s Argentina pizzles, but safe.


This is my go to brand for treats and snacks for my dogs: https://www.vitalessentialsraw.com/dog/treats-snacks/

I also feed them their nibs as treats, and I rotate the patties for their food.

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The dog treats I’ve found to be Asian/MIC were all poultry or pork-based, because that’s what their food industries offer in large amounts and beef is a premium thing. There are also many “animal treat makers” in Asian markets, which is why you see so many of those dog and cat treats have a “Made In Asia” labeling. The beef treats I come across are usually made from South-American or European sources, with some also coming from the US in the past six years.

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Try Hare Today. Never purchased the bully sticks but I’ve been ordering their raw food for over a decade. I’m pretty sure they are a byproduct of the beef they sell but the owner has always been very responsive when I’ve had questions so you can contact her for details.


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I get these, granted for a small terrier mix


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I usually go with American Bullie, I get the 26” stick.


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what breed is your dog and how long does that 26" last? I tried a bully stick once with my dobie, it was shorter about 8". Lasted 5 minutes. They just seem like over priced, highly marketed bits of waste from beef processing.

My guy is 110 pound Cane Corso mix- he gets them as his busy treat when we leave (which is rarely). A big one lasts him a couple days

I have a 100 pound Bernese Mountain dog. I give him the Pawstruck braided 12" bullies. They last him about 20 minutes.

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I have two goldens (65ish lbs each). With the older one, it lasts an 90 min to 2 hours. With the younger one, it can last 3 hours. With our first golden, they would last several days. It depends on the dog. The braided bully sticks do not last nearly as long as the 1 piece bull sticks.

My Corgi is a very vigorous chewer. I got the 26” and he hoovered it in 40 minutes down to 6” before I realized and grabbed it :flushed: