Burning soles and stirrup questions

Hey Y’all,

I have recently been diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome-like carpal tunnel except with feet. I am interested in doing some shorter endurance rides. Right now I foxhunt which also requires long hours in the saddle-not as long as your sport does tho!

Anyway I’m looking for some wide tread stirrups. I borrowed a friends MDC Sport stirrups and they were great. Do any of y’all ride with wide srirrups abd what brands do you like.

AND do any of y’all use western stirrups on and English saddle and how does that go?



I use EZ Ride stirrups on my english saddle for trail riding. Super comfy. Check out Distance Depot, my go-to for trail tack.


Another vote for EZ ride stirrups. Two of our saddles have the older version and one has the newer type. Personally, I don’t think the new ones are worth the huge increase in price, so get the old style if you can find them.

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I will check out Distance Depot and the stirrups! Thank you!!!

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I have the MDC Sport stirrups. I developed plantar facilitis when I was pregnant, so I was looking for anything that might help. I did an LD in them and thought they were great. Even though the facilitis has hopefully resolved itself, I’m definitely sticking with the stirrups.

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So y’all the EZ stirrup looks great. But do you use it with a regular English saddle/leathers? It seems like if you lost your stirrup it would be hard to get back?
And which kind of MDC are those? The kind with the flex sides or not?


I have those specific EZ rides, with cages, on the Pandora and use synthetic english leathers (leathers are covered with a sheepskin fuzzy, so not sure the picture is all that helpful, but here ya go anyway):

I use the older type EZ rides on the Rubicon, using webbers:

I have never had issues with not being able to regain the stirrups if I lose them.

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Another picture I found of the older type of EZ Rides with normal leathers on a Stonewall:

There is no flex to the stirrup itself, though there is cushion to the pad on the bottom.

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Well like an eejit I used the wrong pic :crazy_face:. But you answered my question anyway. Haha. The pic I should have used was this

These are cheaper but I think EZ ride makes some as well.

Those EZ rides were expensive but of course if they stop the foot burning they’re totally worth it.

The second pic were like $70. At this point I am still a hair leery of those stirrups that bend. I haven’t seen any real evidence that they actually help. Of course if people use them and they feel like it helps that’s great. And anyway at this point in time my knees aren’t the problem.

I go get the inserts this Wed and the fitter guy wants me to bring all my boots. Which since that’s a lot I’ll bring 2 of em. Haha. I hope that will help as well.

Thank everyone so much for the good advice!!


If you are looking for cheaper, I would go for the older style nylon ones… you should be able to find those for $65-70. You can find them at riding warehouse or distance depot.

What you do NOT want is the light aluminum/metal type that is that shape - they will crush around your foot if the horse falls on it (one of the scariest wrecks I have ever seen personally… thank goodness the friend was using an english saddle with the stirrup bars down, so the leather slid off and she was not dragged). I am not sure what material is under the leather in the Tough-1 wrapped ones you showed, but I would not risk it.

Good luck with your inserts - jingles that does the trick!

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Good grief! I never would have thought of that re the aluminum old style stirrup. Yep! I will leave that alone!!!

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LIdocaine gel can be a big help with burning feet,its OTC now at 4% as it used to be so expensive as prescription.

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I wouldn’t use any other brand but EZ Ride stirrups. I have both the old style nylon, as well as the new metal Ultimates. I almost prefer the old ones, as the top “bar” in the old style offers a bit of extra “give” and cushion to it than the metal bars on the new ones. The advantage of the new ones is not having to change the top bar to fit different width leathers and fenders.

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