Buying a mare without the foal at her side?

I’m looking at a mare that is not in foal but has a foal at her side and I’d only be purchasing the mare and not the foal. Sale price includes board for the mare until the foal is weaned, vet and farrier, insurance etc will be my responsibility. Not planning on re-breeding her this season and will leave her open for next season, which simplifies things somewhat, but has anyone done this and are there any things in the contract to look out for or that you would want to do differently if you did it again?

Have you had a vet perform a repro exam on the mare? I would have that done if the intent is to breed. I’d also be interested in WFFS status.

And not being in foal wouldn’t deter me. You can get great deals on broodmares not in foal. The quality of her offspring, and how well her foaling went would be more important to me.

Thanks for the input. I am not worried about her not being in foal. She caught the first try last year but it was a late cover. I was offered the option of putting her in foal this season but I wanted to leave her open and try for an earlier cover next year.

I was mostly looking for ideas about the contract because the current owners will be keeping her until the foal is weaned and I will take possession at weaning. Similar to a foal contract, but I was wondering if there were any points I should be looking out for since it is the mare, not the foal that I’m buying.

I have no experience in this area but to me it seems weird that while they are still technically leasing her until weaning that vet and farrier care are you responsibility.
I can see insurance being on you, if you want insurance. But the rest should be on them until they are done with the lease.

You’re right. I didn’t think of it that way, but thankfully the owner did and the contract she sent me to look at does have it set up like a lease in that way, which does make much more sense. Thanks!

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