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Buying a new vest

I’m taking my horse cross country schooling baby jumps and water this fall. But I need a vest to do so.

What vest fits women with curves the best? I know…get measured…but really looking for experienced views on comfort. I don’t care if it rides hot, I just need to be able to move in it.

Champion or Pro Tipp

The BETA standards change next year. www.beta-uk.org have a useful guide to fitting body protectors and also an explanation why the 2009 BETA label has been discontinued. Not least because some vests with a 2009 lable are now very old!

I (and many others - including curvey ladies) really like our racesafe vests.


So don’t buy anything with 2009 label. Which is good info as I saw a few for sale at a local tack shop.

I’ll look at RaceSafe but not sure if local store carry’s them for trying on purpose.

I tried my friends Pro Tipp and it felt nice but hers was too long in the back at a medium.

I measure a child’s xl in the spine measurements but need at least a 38 in the bust. I can squish the girls down to a 36 but that’s tight.

I’ve worn several brands of vests over the years, including ones “specifically for women”, and hands-down, the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn and which doesn’t leave me with rubs or bruises, is the Tipperary Eventer Pro.
ASTM certified, easy on/off, ventilated, I forget I’m wearing it, actually don’t mind wearing it, etc. It’s more expensive than some other vests but not the most expensive (I don’t think, but for me comfort is worth the price).


I am not sure where you are located, but one vendor attends some of my local-ish shows and thats where I tried them on at for the racesafe vests. She is regularly at Chatt Hills if you are anywhere close.

I don’t recommend this, I did it for a while because I also wanted something I could try on in person, but I eventually gave up and traded in for a RaceSafe that actually accommodates short women that aren’t built like children. My Tipp didn’t seem too bad when I tried it on but it gets old after a few rides.

Ride Equisafe does virtual fittings for multiple brands including RaceSafe, and you can send the vest back if there are sizing issues.

Well, I am sure it is safe to say do NOT buy the knock-off Tipperary vest that is being sold on Temu for $55.

I love my Kanteq (shaped to fit a woman’s body), but I am not sure if theyare still being made.

Kanteq does not have BETA 2018 certification. I believe the company has gone out of business. I haven’t seen one in use for several years.