Buying my First Horse!! What do I need to buy before??

I am 21 years old and have been riding since I was six basically any way I can… Lessons/leasing/ exercise riding etc. Currently I am taking lessons at a hunter jumper barn and hacking a couple times a week when one of the coaches horses isn’t being used.
This summer I will be FINALLY purchasing my first horse. Plan on schooling over the winter (I live on the freeZing Canadian prairies) then starting to get back into showing at some local shows next summer, low level hunter and flat classes.

I want to try and buy as much as possible before I buy my horse. I have everything I need for myself, but no tack. Besides the obvious I will need to fit to the horse (saddle/girth/boots) can you help me make a list of what I should put on my tack and supply shopping list before I buy! Thanks!!

Halter and a lead rope…seriously, until you know what horse you are buying you won’t know what size or style of bridle, size and type of fit of blanket etc. Save your money and then have fun buying all the stuff when you finally have your new horse!:smiley:

Lead ropes (get 2, they walk off)
Lunge line and whip
Brushes (soft rubber curry, stiff (dandy brush), soft brush, mane/tail comb)
Hoof picks ( they run off with the lead ropes)
Polo wraps and quilts
Something to keep them in-rubber maid type storage box to start with is good.

Wait on anything else until you know horse’s size and his needs. I know it’s hard but wasting money on something it turns out not to need when on a budget is silly. Returning things that are the wrong size bought weeks or months before can be a PITA or exceed the retailers time limit on returns.

Patience and save as much as you can before you get an offer accepted on a horse.

And we want pictures.

If you wanted you could also probably purchase some tack cleaning stuff (sponges etc.) but other than that, I second what has been said. Wait to see what your horse needs/what size your horse is before purchasing. :slight_smile:

Unless you think you might end up with a pony, you could also probably purchase a schooling saddle pad or two - maybe square pads in neutral colors like black and white.

How exciting! Congrats on beginning the horse hunt :slight_smile:

First aid supplies - they make pre-made ones, but you can put the basics together much cheaper.

Grooming supplies and a tote to put them in.

Saddle pads for schooling and show.

Square cooler (if you want a fitted cooler, wait until you get the horse)

First aid kit, for him and you. For the whoops moments.

First aid kit and grooming supplies and tote. Other than that, just save your money to buy what you need once you get your horse. (Says the person with the regular size halters that don’t fit the equine with the huge head, the plain saddle pads that are unused because the equine requires a special orthopedic pad, and so on and so on.)

First aid supplies-- vetwrap, some kind of wound ointment (I like Tricare Wound Ointment), gauze pads, antibacterial handwipes (good for wiping off scrapes), betadine surgical scrub, Animalintex pads, eyewash.

A couple of small buckets, one for medical purposes, one for feed-- bran mashes and stuff.

Haynet and extra water bucket for traveling. And if you’re neurotic like me, you will never put your horse on someone else’s trailer without bringing your own water, so add a travel water tote of some sort. (Walmart sells a 7-gallon blue cube one that’s handy.)

Honestly, a good trip to the human health section at Target/Walmart/CVS can take care of a lot of this, for less than equine prices. The generic version of Triple Antibiotic Ointment, gauze pads, cotton balls, alcohol swabs, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, a betadine-type wash, epsom salt, etc. About half my drawer of “vet stuff” is human stuff. Vetwrap, however, is half the price at the horse store versus the human. No clue why that is! Two other human supplies you might want to have on hand is a few maxi-pads for dressing larger wounds, and a few diapers for abscesses. And duct tape. You always need a roll or two of duct tape.

I got a few storage drawers from the closet organizing section of Target that have been great, because I can stack them in my locker under my saddle, and use one for vet stuff, one for a set of bandages, etc.

You can go ahead and get a set of brushes, and a bucket and some bath supplies, like shampoo and sponges and liniment. I also always like having a spare (inexpensive) hose nozzle, just in case I get there to bathe at 4AM and find the one on the hose broken!

You can probably pick up a halter and lead or two, if you’ve got a general idea if you’re buying a horse versus a pony. My original halter became my “lives in trailer in case of emergency” halter after I had my horse and had a name and got her a nice leather halter, but having an extra around is always good.

You’d probably also be fine to buy a few basic square saddle pads in some colors you like, or with your monogram or whatever.

Congratulations! I assume you will be boarding the new horse? Before you spend unnecessary money, I would find out what the barn provides. For example, my barn provides things like water buckets, lead ropes, first aid supplies, etc. as a part of the price I pay for board. The little things can really add up, so I’d check first. There’s no harm in buying your own, of course, but owning a horse can be a huge expense so you might as well save where you can. Your trainer or BO where you board should be able to give you the best list based on what they provide. Things probably NOT included that you will need to purchase include all clothing for your horse, halters, tack, protective boots, etc.