Calevo—custom boots narrower than stamped – what to do?

After a long bumpy and frustrating road, I finally received my new custom boots from Calevo, and the actual measured width of the calf does not match what I ordered! One boot is 1 cm too narrow and the other is 1.5 cm too narrow. The boots are stamped with the measurement I ordered, but after wondering why on earth they were so impossibly tight I decided to measure the actual boots and realized they don’t match the stamp.

I could just cry. Has anyone ever had something like this happen and were you able to get it resolved? I know custom boots are non-returnable, but these don’t conform to what was ordered.

They also came without the padding on the back of the heels and heel lift accessories I ordered; I could live with those if they refunded the extra charges but the width is so off that they won’t work at all.

I have emailed Calevo but unsurprisingly have not yet heard back as it is the weekend.

I’m so sorry that Calevo screwed up your order! It confirms why I am REALLY hesitant to order “custom” anything, especially if the company is out of the country.


Calevo has always been helpful to work with. I wonder if the delay just has something to do with their european work schedule. Calevo does have a US return address so it won’t be that difficult to send them back. You could also negotiate with Calevo and have the boots stretched.

I am lucky in that I wear a stock size in my Petrie boots. Typically I order a plain boot and have a local western bootmaker put custom tops on them. For the first time this year, I placed two custom orders: one for a patent leather shaft and a custom amount of swarovskis on the bow and the second for wool lining in a pair of navy boots for the winter. Both boots arrive exactly as I requested. They came with complimentary spur straps but not with the color cream I ordered. Van Heut responded ito my email in a day or two and said they were out of stock, and immediately credited my card back. I believe that Calevo will make it right with you, just that they are on Europe time (which is often more liveable work scheules than we are used to in the USA).


Return them if they were made wrong.

It will probably depend on their policy for the type of fitting you did. I’m nervous because I have some Celeris boots on order that I measured myself for. I’m confident that I measured correctly, but in the meantime, I bought a pair of off the rack Celeris boots that were almost 2cm bigger in the calf than they were supposed to be (by some miracle, I found their Cinderella in the FB dressage boot addicts group almost instantly and recouped most of my $$). If this happens with my custom pair, I’ll be SOL since I took my own measurements, even though it will be the company’s fault. I think if I order custom without hands-on fitting and a guarantee in the future, I’ll stick with boots with full lacing to at least provide more room for error.

Good luck, I hope they make it right for you!