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Calming supplements?

So next month I will be hauling one of my horses to a kids event (special needs rodeo event where the kids get to see different animals and ride the horses). The horse that is going to the event is a total saint and not the problem. My other boy (TJ) who will remain at home is buddy sour when left alone at the barn. TJ is fine out on a ride by himself alone, but if you take his friend then TJ has a melt down and thinks you’ll never bring his friend back(or maybe he’s jealous that he wasn’t chosen???). The last time I had to haul the one horse, I was told that TJ ran and paced the fence for nearly 10 hours until we made it back home.

Aside from Ace, what are calming supplements (paste or pellet) that anyone has had any success with? I am not showing/competing with him so drug testing or performance alteration isn’t an issue. I just want him to not run the fence all day. I’ve heard of Quietex, Perfect Prep, Total calm and focus, “B Kalm.” This is intended for calming ONLY in the pasture/barn, NOT for under saddle work of any kind.

Add* My neighbors have horses so it’s not like TJ is literally left as the only horse. They don’t share a fence line, but you can usually see their horses from our fence unless they are in the very back of the pasture. They will nicker back and forth occasionally with my boys.

IMO, those supplements aren’t likely to do much. Some say they may take an edge off so focus can be better,others say no impact. If your horse got that anxious you need a different plan. Could he come along to event and not participate? Can you get him another friend…quick? Even with ace they can break thru it and then you have risk there. Sorry…

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He won’t be able to come along, there aren’t any stalls at the place and I absolutely will not leave him tied to/inside the trailer. He would be fine tied to the rail in the arena (the event is held in a large covered rodeo arena) but I don’t want to risk any kids getting around him accidentally because he just isn’t as gentle as the other one. There are a ton of volunteers that don’t necessarily know much about horses and I don’t want anyone to get in a jam thinking they can let the kids around him. I make it sound like he’s awful when he’s really not, I just don’t trust anyone else handling him for liability purposes. He doesn’t bite, kick or anything like that. BUT he has never seen a wheelchair and many of the kids are physically disabled either on walking canes or in manual/motorized wheelchairs, so that could get ugly.

And I might actually be able to borrow a horse from a family friend, I hadn’t even thought about that! They have 4 horses and I’m sure could spare one for the day (they’re all pasture ornaments anyway). That would save me money too, just gas to go get him.

I think having a play date for the day is a super idea. Those supplements take time to build up, so giving one in the AM of the show day probably won’ do much. Ace and other tranqs will wear off long before you get home in 10 hours, unless someone is home to re-administer them as needed.

Years ago when we moved out to our farm, several people asked why I got two companions (a horse and a pony) for my 1 horse. Your scenario is a perfect example. That third companion might be a mini or a goat or a lamb or a donkey or lama or well, anything that gets along with horses. Sometimes this isn’t feasible, which is totally understandable - and you make due. I, personally, am a pony pusher… I mean, who doesn’t need a pony?!? :smiley:

I used to have the same problem a few years ago when I kept my horse at a property with only one other horse.
I used Ace, I found that if I used enough to make him really groggy, that when he woke up he might be a little upset but not be in full meltdown mode.
There is also a gel paste your vet can give you, I am blanking on the name now, maybe someone else can tell you, but it knocks the horse out.
So maybe if your horse does not work himself up in full panic mode at the sight of his buddy leaving,he won’t run the fence all day.
Good luck hope something works for you.

Magnesium for the horse, Xanax for the rider.