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Camino de Santiago on horseback...has anyone done this and can recommend outfitter?

A friend and I are really interested in riding one of the many routes on the Pilgrim trail this coming spring–we are trying to get information and while there are a few good sources and some companies that offer a lot of flexibility, I’m finding that objective reviews are scant and I’d love some feedback that is untethered from the tour outfits’ own promotional websites.

Has anyone done any of these tours? Is there a route that’s best to avoid or a favorite route? Are the horses well-cared for? Is there a particular guide or company that is trustworthy and competent? Was it fun or grueling? We are not looking for a heavy endurance ride, but are expecting hours in the saddle. We both ride regularly and have our own horses, so are pretty competent.

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome!


These were fascinating, but they are geared toward taking your own horse. I’m looking at tours and recommendations for guides.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That last article:

Material for the horse on the Camino de Santiago

  • Saddle and its blanket
  • Waterproof blanket
  • Stirrups, bits and reins
  • Bandages and protectors
  • Accessories for cleaning and brushing the horse
  • A bucket to feed the animal
  • Tars for helmets and other prevention materials
  • Maintenance granules for the horse

Yeah, that’ll do it. Just pack my stirrups, bits and reins and off we go! Not forgetting my Tarred helmet and magical maintenance granules.

Is this where 2raw2ride got his life advice from??