Camping at KHP for Champagne Run

Anyone done this for this event? I would like electrical. Do you book it separate thru the horse park? This will be my first time doing Champagne Run.

I’ve never been, but there is usually an ‘Accommodations’ section in the omnibus entry that has info.

Strangely… the one for this year is blank?

But last year’s says this:

Super 8 Motel (Georgetown)-9 miles. 502-868-9800. Townplace Suites by Marriott 859-263-0018. Camping: Kentucky Horse Park Campground: Now taking reservations! Call 888-459-7275or check on under camping reservations. Competition does NOT reserve sites.

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You have to reserve through the KY campgrounds direct website or phone. It books in advanced so if you want a camping slip, book it now. It’s a huge vacation spot for many non horse people. Also, they close the gate from the campgrounds to the KY horse park, so you have to use the main entrance for the horse park every time you go/ leave the horse park.

Beautiful place. Has a swimming pool, basketball court and community showers/

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You can book kentucky campground through reserve America. We just stayed there for Land Rover and it was great. I highly suggest if they are full, signing up for notifications of sites becoming available, and don’t wait on it when you get the email (I did that for Hagyard)

So if one wanted to toss hay before bed, is that doable or are you camping way too far?

you would have to drive to your barn and back to the camp site, or take a golf cart.


Big horse trial weekends and the locals use the campground for their pretend camping weekends, you know huge trailer homes and they go eat out then come back to sleep. Or their town friends drive in to visit and party. It’s a state campground, not in tandem with the KHP. They book a year ahead.

Best bet is to buy a small motorbike to bring with you and attach a basket or rack to it and some bungee cords.

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Ok, well, then I’m going to get a hotel instead. Thanks for the info.

Why can’t you just drive your vehicle to the barn for night check?

I love camping at shows to save money. I went to my first KHP show last fall and opted to stay in a hotel with a friend. It seems annoying to stay in the campgrounds and drive back and forth…. But I guess I am used to (and miss!) Area VII events where we can camp near our stalls at most venues

That’s what I’m used to. Camping at the venue.

Well, you are camping at the venue… it’s just a sprawling venue :wink:

It’s a huge venue. That’s why you have to drive to your stall. You’ll still be closer than a hot

A little different than seeing your horse’s stall from your tent/trailer. And a little more challenging if you haul with someone else and they want to stay in a hotel.

Once I have my own trailer I will likely stay in the campgrounds at future KHP shows.

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Yep, I get it.