Can an Ogilvy Jumper Pad be used for a Dressage saddle and a Jumping saddle?

OK the lowdown:

I would like to purchase an Ogilvy, however because they are fairly expensive and because I live in Australia the shipping alone will be around $100 depending on who I order it from, so I do not want to have to buy two pads because it will add up very quickly.

My problem is, I have a Dressage saddle and a Jumping saddle and I want to use the pad under both of them. So, my question is, will it look silly if I use a jump cut Ogilvy under my Dressage saddle as well as my Jumping saddle? Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any pictures of them doing this? Is it a big no-no or not a big problem to use a Jumper pad under a Dressage saddle?

Please help! Thank you

I believe that the only difference would be the cut at the front of the pad, as long as you don’t mind a bit more of the pad poking out at the front when under a dressage saddle, I don’t see why it would be a problem. Maybe someone here that has an oglivy jumper pad can stick it on a horse under a dressage saddle and take a picture and we can see how it looks. I can do that too, but I won’t be able to until next Friday but pm me if no one else gets a chance to do it.

Thank you so much! I will :slight_smile:

I will try to get a picture for you of my jumper pad under BOs saddle, tomorrow.

Thank you so much!

Jumper pad with 17.5" jumper saddle:

Same pad with one of BO’s Dressage saddles:

Thank you very much!