Can anyone identify this saddle?

I picked up an old saddle and am wondering exactly what it is. It’s a Stubben which the seller identified as an all-purpose, but that’s all I’ve got. I think it’s fairly old, but it’s in decent shape.

Can anyone tell me what model it is?

The photos are from the seller’s ad, it looks better now that it’s been cleaned up a bit.

The saddler’s tag says:

John Stubben Krefeld
gegr 1894
Made in Germany


Not much left to identify, you have it all there, an old Stubben Siegfried, looks like it needs a bit of work, flocking seems too flat and knee pads may need help.

The seat doesn’t look as deep as I am used to seeing in those saddles, so maybe it is some other model, but which if so?

What is the seat size?

Except that I didn’t know it was a Siegfried! :wink: Thanks for identifying the model.

It’s an 18". The flocking is fine, the billets have been replaced, and over-all, it’s in decent shape. I’m going to try it out as an extra saddle to have around. If it doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll sell it on.

I rode someone else’s horse in a Stubben a few years ago and it was a very comfy saddle, so when I saw this one at a reasonable price, I picked it up in hopes that it’ll be a good back-up saddle.

Can you lift the flap and post a shot of the billets? There are several models of the Siegfried, and seeing that would help.

It does look like a really old one–probably perfectly sound, though.

The seller said that she’d had the billets replaced. Would that make it more difficult to identify the model?

No, that doesn’t make a bit of difference. I wanted to see if yours had the big knee and thigh roll, which it does. It’s definitely a classic all-purpose Siegfried VSS. It’s good that the billets have been replaced. Those are the one part of those old Stubbens that tend to go. You may want to consider having it reflocked, not for safety but just for fit. Also have the tree checked–the seat doesn’t look as deep as those on most Siegfrieds. It’s probably perfectly fine though–it may just be the angle of the photograph.

I have two of these, one from the 60s and one from the 70s, and yours looks older than either of mine. Of course, yours may have simply seen harder use. Stubben NA might be able to tell you more, though I understand they no longer look up serial numbers for people.

This may interest you:

Mine is a 1971 Stubben Siegfried kids model, called Rex, that came in 15" and like mine, 16".

The adult model you have starts at 16 1/2".
Those are wonderful saddles for riding schools, as they tend to fit most horses and riders.

At 18", yours is large and that may be why the seat looks a little more flat and the flocking less bulky, as it is spread over a larger surface, unlike mine at 16".

I have one just like it in my basement at home. Mine’s circa 1960 or so and yes it is a bit flatter in the seat than the later models. It is a good, useful saddle to have.

I have an ancient Rex as well…kids STILL riding in it. As others have said, address the flocking.

You can’t kill an old Seigfried.
Wish I still had mine.

With that saddle being so large and flat, I wonder if it was used by someone very heavy that sat on it, didn’t mostly ride in two point, so it had that much heavy use as to flatten it?

Just some more to consider and check out.