Can anyone tell me about Wofford Leather Co saddles?

I am about to buy a western saddle made by Wofford Leather Co and I can’t find any information about it anywhere online! It’s gotta be older. It’s really nice quality and was very comfortable to sit in, so it’s going to be a great first western saddle for me I think. It was also pretty heavy but I’m okay with it. The fenders didn’t have Blevins buckles but instead laced up, which I’ve never seen before. It seems solid and well constructed and I love it. I would love to know more about this company!

Seems to be an old saddle making company in Georgia, USA, started in 1957 and now out of business for many years:

At one time they made western film star saddles, Roy Rogers one of those.

Nice brass hardware, the scrolled conchos are interesting.
It is in excellent shape for a saddle that old, someone took good care of it.

If you and your horse like it, that is all that matters.


You’re the best, Bluey! Yes we both love it so far so I’m pretty excited. :grin:

Looks like a well made saddle. A lot of really good makers are no longer in business. It may be heavy, but that generally I find the better made western saddles are heavy.