Can I change the name of my Lazy Baby?

So I have a 2008 gelding out of Lazy Loper that I just do pleasure riding + light jumping with and the occasional clinic, but no real shows. I want to get into showing with him but I am not fond of his show name… I know next to nothing about naming “rules” when it comes to foals from well-known sires and all the lazy babies I’ve seen have the word “lazy” in their names, including mine, obviously to pay homage to their sire. I’m just wondering if this is a required thing or if I would be able to change it. Again, sorry for the lack of knowledge in this department, he is my first horse (have had him for two years) and although I have been riding for a long time, I haven’t ever formally shown before. (Also my first time posting on the forum so my apologies if I didn’t post this in the correct place!)

Well, you can call him whatever you want. If you mean change his registered name, then most likely. You’ll want to contact his registry to find out what specific steps you need to take to make that happen. You would find his registry on his papers, so pull those out first, and start googling the registry. They’ll probably have the info on a website, otherwise you’ll have to contact them (email, phone) and just ask :slight_smile:

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BY Lazy Loper :wink: Horses come out of the mare.

What registry is your horse?

It should be fine to show him under any name you want as long as you’re not showing in breed-specific shows. In that case, it should probably match his registered name.

If your horse is AQHA registered, you can call them for that information, or use this form if you think he qualifies under current rules for a name change:

You can find out more on their web site also, but calling someone may answer more questions.