Can I edit Suggested Topics?

I like the Suggested Topics list at the bottom to follow activity in topics I like, but is there any way to get rid of topics I clicked on once out of curiosity but never want to read again? Since there have been hundreds of posts after I left, they fill up the list and block topics I actually want to follow.

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I think I just answered my own question. If you click on the number of your unread topics in the bolded part at the bottom of the list (didn’t even know it was a link), it shows all your unread suggested topics. If there are still topics you want to see, click on them to open so they are no longer unread. Once the list is down to topics you never want to be notified of again, click on “dismiss”, and it will ask if these are topics you never want to be notified about again. Check the box, and click dismiss. Voila! They’re gone!
(Wrote this post mostly as a way to remind myself how to do it again!)


I’m glad you found a solution!

The suggested topic list first populates with threads that you’re following in some way that have unread posts. Posting on a topic follows the thread as “tracking,” but by default if you have a thread open for a certain number of minutes, you also automatically track the thread.

You can change tracking status in the drop down menu at the bottom of the thread–set to normal to not see the new reply info & keep it out of your suggesteds–and you can adjust your auto follow settings in your user panel.

Or you can get rid of those with the method you found :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Didn’t know about the drop-downs at the bottom. Will pay attention to those now - probably easier than the cleanout method.