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Can someone provide the all inclusive "shopping list" & info for Eventers?

I stopped riding a few years ago, hunter jumper, I’m now 19 and was thinking about switching to eventing after I finish college and move to the bay area. (cheaper bay area) Any advice about the area, good barns, the tack you need/ use (most important & handy things, I really want to know everything. I do want to get into competing and an intermediate-advanced level at shows in the future. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Don’t know anything about the area, but as far as tack goes, you’ll need basic riding equipment for yourself:
-breeches, boots(or paddock & half chaps), gloves, approved helmet, a body protecting vest if you plan you go cross country. Maybe a bat and spurs if your horse needs it. Whether or not you need horse equipment would depend if you’re buying a horse, leasing or just using lesson horses. Once you find a barn ask what their protocol for equipment is, then start buying from there. Lots of barns have their own equipment (not usually high quality though) that they allow students to use.
As far as finding barns, try googling, then visit the barns to see where you feel most comfortable. Try to find a trainer that is reputable (both online and word-of-mouth), you respect (you don’t have to be friends with them off the bat. biggest thing is that you can trust them to make good decisions for you and that you can learn from them) and that has time to give you the attention you deserve. Try looking into ICP, ARIA, BHS, USPC, etc instructor lists as certified trainers are often a better bet.

Read this book–older but still very useful

you can find it cheaper from friends or on other websites.

Go volunteer at some events while you are in school. Make some eventer friends. I got into more by first grooming at events for a friend. Probably one o the best ways to learn.

Volunteer as much as you can. If you have a friend that events offer to be their groom. You will gain a much broader knowledge base than you ever could getting a static shopping list from us.

Eventually you’ll have garnered enough information that you will have specific questions and we’ll all be happy to point you in the right direction! And definitely read the book that BFNE recommended, along with this

Good luck!