Can someone tell me what brand this saddle is?

i am helping a friend sell their horses and tack. I am mostly and English rider, so I am not very familiar with western saddle brands. And all the owner remembers about the saddle was that it was expensive.

Can someone tell me what brand this saddle is?
It had the number 14726 stamped in the side.



The saddlemaker’s mark is usually on the leather fob near the fork, or on the back of the cantle. Do you have a close up of them?

Horn cap, Latigo keeper, seat, and back of the cantle are common spots for a brand/makers mark to be located. There are too many brands to just look at most saddles and know what they are. If you can post more detailed pictures of any of the locations listed it will help identify it. Sometimes there are also serial numbers under the fenders up high on the saddle.

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Thanks for your help, I’ll look for the mark and update.