Can’t get a saddle fitter?!

Well it took 7 months to find a horse and now I’ve enquired of 4 qualified saddle fitters to get my saddles assessed, or sell me new ones, and they’re either too busy, don’t reply, or only do dressage saddles these days. Do I really have to buy a new $6000 saddle from a brand rep to get one fit to a growing 4 yr old?

Suggestions in the SF Bay Area?


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Ugh. I’m sorry. You could do your own tracings and send to someone online? I know Equestrian Imports and Pelham Saddlery will consult on tracings and I’m sure there are others.


Yes, online fitting is a good option if you can make peace with shipping fees to try saddles, you are flexible about brand and new/used, and you are patient with the process. Trumbull Mt, The Saddle Tree, Hastilow USA, Fineline Tack, and Duchess all work with tracings as well.


Dave Gilpin used to travel to the South bay, but I imagine he’s not currently traveling out of state.

Susan Hartje is in the Clements area and (normally) travels.

I have used Shamms Benradja of Gravity Saddles for remote (and superb) repairs on my Stubben. He used to post here (which is how I met him). He comes to my town every few months. Former saddlemaker for Hermes, know his stuff and is miles more reasonable than the “name brand” sellers aka fitters. Really friendly, fun guy as well.

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David didn’t reply, Susan doesn’t have jump saddles for sale and next trip to this area is 6 weeks out, with infrequent returns for readjustment (adore her otherwise!)

I’ll look up Shamms. I also saw this - anyone know of this person?