Can this truck Haul???

The truck in question:
1996 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4
V8, 5L
4:10 gears auto 4l80e auto transmission. 5.7 vortex

The trailer load in question:
one horse (~1100 lbs)
water, some tack, hay for the trip
2 horse trailer, hopefully aluminum (not yet selected)

What I’ve been able to research so far says it does. It does have some rust damage in rockers, cab corners, and bottoms of the doors - but does not appear to be a lot. I would not be hauling often at all, and I don’t mind if the truck doesn’t last a long long time. The truck is already installed with a towing package and has a hideaway ball in the bed.

Toyota silverado?

Whoops! Chevy, not toyota!!

I have a 2010 Silverado with the same specs except that it’s 2WD. My tow rating is 17,000lbs and it has a 3600lb payload. Skip the aluminum if you’re looking to save $$ – with one horse + gear, you’re going to be way under whatever your exact #'s are. Good luck shopping!

It should be plenty of truck for the average two horse trailer assuming it’s mechanically sound, yep.

Should be fine - I’ve towed a two horse trailer with that truck (2002 and 2012 models). It never struggles at all. I’d just have that truck thoroughly inspected for soundness because of its age first.

Should be fine to tow, BUT check the frame very carefully before doing so. If there is that much rust on the body, there is rust underneath as well.

By the specs, absolutely. Now I’m a Californian so I know not much about rust, but it’s plenty of truck for what you want.

4.10 axle says it all … It will tow just about any two horse trailer and pass anything except a gas station.

Besides checking the frame for rust… examine the brake lines carefully. Some owners have had to replace all the lines due to rust.

That will tow a 2 horse with power to spare. You will get beyond crappy mileage with the 4.10 gears though. Ditto on checking the brake lines. I bought an older Chevy and they went the 2nd year I had it. Thank goodness I was not towing at the time. Lovely feeling to have the pedal go to the floor in a vehicle that heavy.

Yes, but keep in mind that older vehicles have lower tow ratings than their brand new duplicate so check the tow rating of your year. Also check the rocker panels to see if the rust is through to the doors. Expensive if it is.

Yes. 3/4 ton all the way. I am currently owned by a Dodge Ram 2500 and love every minute of it. Welcome to the club!