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Can we talk about Ride iQ?

Does anyone use Ridely instead? Is it similar? It seems to have more “names” for coaches but I can’t tell if that’s just puff or actually is helpful.

I’m not sure how it would frustrate you to even open it?

It’s a fairly simple app.


Okay, I rode yesterday and I gave it a try. I’m blown away. I took a lesson with Gina Smith and I really felt like I had a coach right there with me. In addition to appreciating the instruction, I appreciated having a new exercise to do rather than pulling from my same bag of tricks. It was the best ride I’ve had on my own in a long time. I’m looking forward to trying more. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I admit I didn’t have the most open mind because so many apps especially have ended up making me feel like “what am I missing here?” and oftentimes I think I’m missing nothing, it’s just not a very good tool. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here!


I’m really glad you gave it a shot!

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Yes!!! So glad you tried it. Even though I have a regular trainer, it has become an irreplaceable tool in my program, especially on days when I have lower motivation and it’s so easy to just “happy hack” around. New lessons come out every Tuesday so I always get excited seeing what’s new. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the encouragement!

Do you guys use earbuds or do you just put phone in your pocket and use its speaker? Maybe I’ll give it a try too.

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I prefer earbuds but almost always forget them, so most commonly use in my little hip bag. I’ve been eyeing Shokz for running and think they’d be perfect for Ride IQ rides, too.


While I prefer ear buds, Bluetooth ear buds are not my friend! I lose them, I put them through the wash, I forget to charge them. A few weeks ago one fell out while riding and I spent quite awhile after my ride retracing my steps trying to find it!

So more often than not, I just play it with my phone in my pocket and the volume cranked up.

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I do a single earbud and set my phone on a jump standard (or mounting block) in the middle of the ring.

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I use my Shokz when I remember them and speaker phone in my pocket when I don’t.


Someone on Coth recommended a speaker that you wear on your wrist and it works perfect. I don’t like not hearing my surroundings.

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Thanks! My speaker is pretty loud so I think I’ll start there. Ear buds just don’t seem conducive to riding.

Sorry. One more question. Can this be done without an arena or do the instructors reference arena letters during the lesson.

I feel like that can get confusing if you don’t have an arena set up and you’re being told to move from letter to letter.

You don’t need an arena or letters! Or at least, I’ve never listened to a lesson where it was imperative to have them. Sometimes they reference them, but not in a way that you need them marked in your riding space.

I don’t have an arena. I am either riding in a 60’ pen or a flat part of my backyard where I threw down rails to get fancy and make my corners.

The way the lessons are recorded, they are never directly telling you to do anything. It’s hard to explain, but it’s not like “trot at M now.” It’s more like the instructor goes, “I’m tracking to the right in my arena and I’m going to ask for a trot at E.” But you probably aren’t at the same place, so you just use your judgement.


Thank you!

I had no problem with my airpods, but I found this brand on their FAQ page and ordered a pair for the long run! Bone conduction sounds smart!

Nope! Like @Texarkana says, you’ll have references like “I’m riding a 20-meter circle at C,” but if you know what that means, it doesn’t matter whether you have letters or not. I’m not typically riding in a ring that’s the same spec as the coach, and it’s never an issue.


Great. Thank you.

I use these and rigged them up to attach to my helmet harness. Perfect to be able to hear easily, and if I put my phone on a post along the longside, have no problems losing reception.