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Can we talk about Ride iQ?

These look really good. A lot less expensive than the bluetooth full frames I have and much better battery life. Do you like them or love them?

I’d say I like them. Battery life is good, they connect to my phone easily. They require a specific USB charger that I tend to misplace; it would be nice if they had a charging case instead. I have to rig them up a little awkwardly on my helmet to get the tiny speaker close enough to my ear to hear well, but then I’m not using them as designed. But I like being able to hear my surroundings but not broadcasting my lesson to the entire barn.

I tried the app for the first time tonight and loved it. Annoying because I’m on a budget and won’t be payong for a subscription. It will be a wonderful trial at least!


I use these because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for the big brand. I’ve had them a year and use them daily. I usually only need to charge them a couple times a week if that.

I wear them for all my barn chores and any riding.


I have had some phenomenal rides lately thanks to Ride iQ.

A little backstory: my main ride is my 18 year old homebred. She was the easiest horse in the world to get going under saddle but sometime around 5 she turned into a real challenge. She spent a year with a trainer shortly after that and got all sorts of buttons installed and given experience beyond my capabilities but the behavior persisted (which at least was validating it wasn’t just me). A few years ago I made some changes that resulted in massive improvements, but all those years of dangerous behavior under saddle never left my mind.

But here we are, making progress on our own. She has been good as gold, partly because the behavior is in her past, but mostly because I am able to follow some great instruction reguarly. Every ride I have something productive to focus on that keeps me from getting in my head and self-sabotaging our rides.

If you are a stellar, disciplined rider or in a regular training program, Ride iQ might just be a nice bonus every now and then. But for those of us plugging along on our own, it can be an invaluable tool.

Ok, I’ll shut up now. :rofl:


I signed up for the Lauren Sprieser add on with Ride IQ. Between that and getting virtual lessons set up, I think I’m going to be well on my way to be ready to show in Sept.


You’ll have to let us know how you like it!


Chiming in to say this thread was the nudge I needed to try it and…Wow. I love it! I’m 4 days in, but the membership is a no-brainer now. I’m a dressage rider but I include things like pole work and riding in fields to keep things interesting for me and my 7 y/o ISH, and riding with Ride iQ coaches is like night and day from riding alone. I was feeling unmotivated and unsure a lot of the time and have totally accepted that as the norm when I’m riding alone, but now I feel like I have someone there with me, encouraging me and helping me. What a gift!


This thread was the push I needed too. I downloaded the app months (a year?) ago when I saw the other thread but never signed up/ used it. I finally signed up and used it the other day and had the most productive ride I’ve had in a long time. I ride at home, alone, in a smaller field 99.9% of the time and it can be difficult to keep things fresh and not get bored. While I get the horses legged back up, I’m planning on using the rider position lessons mostly. The one I chose the other day made time fly by vs the “going around in circles for 30+ min” that can happen when riding in the same 70x90 area. Overall, I’m a big fan and am hopeful we will progress faster with these lessons.


I did as well!


I’m sorry I’m such a newb haha. What is the Lauren Sprieser add on? I love the articles she writes for COTH.

It’s an add on you can/could sign up for. Email the app and see if they can get you in. It’s additional cost for 3 months. Starts today.

@luvmyhackney how much is it? I clicked on an ad, but it didn’t give the price without putting in a bunch of personal info first.

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For all of you who are new subscribers, please come join the private community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/977039306167569. It’s really fun, with a lot of interactivity from the app’s founders and the coaches.


It was 45.00 a month for Ride IQ members and there was a cost for non-members that I believe was 75.00. So still cheaper than a lesson!


Just joined a few days ago and love it! So many personalities and good vibes!

I bit the bullet and did the free trial and am so glad I did. I went on and purchased the app. When I am riding on my own, I tend to kind of ride around and not do anything. I find it really difficult to give my rides outside of lessons and structure or direction/goal.

This app has been a game changer for me.

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I signed up for the six week free trial, too. Tried to find one to help me with my horse who is rehabbing and still mostly at the walk. Haven’t found a great one for that yet.

Planning to try to do one with my other horse later today and hoping to like it better.

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Use lesson 120 or lesson 28, or I believe 49 for walking. I use those when it’s hot hot.
Plus Lesson 27 which is hacking at a walk.


049 Tack Walking Post Injury with Reese Koffler Stanfield - although this has a lot of lateral work that my horses are a bit too green for.

108 Wonderous Walk Exercise: DBAMP with Leslie Grant Law - good spiraling exercises and I really like what she has to say.

028 Walking Position Check with Sinaed Halpin Maynard - I just like this one.

Sometimes if you are just trying to go for a relaxing walk without wanting to “do” anything, the hack chats can be great to listen to. They have a wide variety of topics from specific skills to broad overarching concepts to general life stuff. Kyle Carter had one on Rehabbing Horses.

I’d love to see them add a few more “programs” to the app, because app selection can be the most daunting part of using the app. They have some, plus Lauren Sprieser just put out this 6 week show prep plan. All of that is helpful. I need a plan for a lousy adult rider who causes 99% of the problems she experiences with her horses. :rofl: