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can you get a mare reg'd without inspection?

I have a new mare that is by a lovely talented Selle Francais stallion and an unpapered mare. She is currently 3 yr old, and 15.3H and has lovely floating movement and can jump too. I am not sure I can attend an inspection with her (health issues and none near me) so I am wondering if I can get her inspection off a video? I believe GOV allows this but just wondered what other registries would or do allow this? Sire is GRAMA OPEN MAIN. He is a CWB stallion.

What do you know about the dam? Can you papers or registration for her? None of the primary registries will register your mare unless you can I don’t believe - or maybe in a much lower status. But the stallion needs to be approved with whatever registry you want the mare registered with as far as I know. Why not use the SF registry?

Only one I know that allows inspection through video with an unknown dam is AWSSR ( American Warmblood Society and Sporthorse Registry.

I don’t think SF accepts halfbreds.

I was told if you are not planning on breeding the horse, you do not need an inspection to get papers. This was by the American warmblood registry. If you are breeding, then you do need an inspection or your foal won’t get papers.

In my humble opinion, American Warmblood papers are useless. She would be better off saving her money. :wink:

With the rest of the warmblood registries, I believe the mare could only get entered into the Pre-Mare book due to lack of pedigree on the dam side.


And the sire is only registered CWB which is Canadian Warmblood?


First off, if you wanted a registered horse, you should have bought a registered horse.I know that sounds harsh but breeders of registered horses put a great deal of effort and money into ensuring the foals they produce meet registration requirements. For the Euro-type warmblood registries, that means using registered and approved breeding stock, and they expect their registry to not hand out registration papers willy-nilly to horses that don’t meet the same criteria they themselves are expected to adhere to. To do so cheapens the value of the registration papers and the “brand” itself (meaning the “brand” of the registry in a marketing sense).

It sounds as though the breeder of your mare had no intention or desire to produce a foal eligible for registration with a Euro-type registry–else she would have gone to the trouble and expense of using a registered and approved mare and an approved stallion. The dam is not papered, so there is no provable pedigree behind her. Furthermore, if the sire of your mare is not approved for breeding by a major Euro-type registry–or does not meet the criteria to be approved (i.e., does not appropriate registration papers, has not been inspected and approved by another recognized registry, has not met performance requirements), his offspring cannot be considered for regular registration papers from the majority of Euro or Euro-type warmblood registries.

That said–if you want your mare approved for breeding, you may be able to get her put into the lowest mare book of various registries. But she still won’t be “registered.”

Also, I worked closely with GOV for many, many years, and they did not do registration by video. if they now do so, your mare most likely will not meet the eligibility requirements due to her unpapered dam and a sire that may or may not be approved for breeding by a major registry.

As others have said, your best option is to see if AWSSR or AWR will consider her. Just be aware that those registries are a far cry from the major Euro-type registries as far as standing and respect go.


My mare is a registered Holsteiner by Lotus T and out of a mare of unrecorded breeding (TB/Draft cross). Her breeder registered her as a Holsteiner as a foal. She has not attended an inspection and she is not branded, but I do have Holsteiner papers for her. So it can be done, but I do not know the SF rules, or if the age of the mare when registered matters.

If the sire is only registered CWB which I take to be Canadian Warmblood, it doesn’t matter his pedigree, I doubt you can register the mare in any “better” registry than CWB.

CWB is like the American warmblood registries that have quite loose requirements. However a totally unpapered dam might keep you out of even CWB. You might only get into Canadian Sport Horse or similar.

Basically you have a nice grade mare.

Edited to add: is this the gorgeous palomino mare that you posted a few weeks back? You described that one as Anglo Arab. Where the Selle Francaise and CWB come in?

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This is a COP (certificate of pedigree) not full registration.


Janftica, the current owner of this stallion is a very kind and helpful fellow . He contacted and helped me resolve a similar issue even though my breeding was done before he bought the stallion , he may have some info that would help.
If nothing else , he certainly enjoys hearing from owners of his stallions progeny. You should be able to find his contact info if your interested on his Web site , but if you have any trouble feel free to pm me.

Reported ^^

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Hi, I’m the owner of Grama Open Main and I’m happy to provide you with any info you may need. If your horse is is 4 years old then she can only be Ginny out of Bella (Luna Lovegood) who was my daughters horse, or a foal out of Diva bred by Kayla K. Both of these were bred just before i purchased the stallion. We no longer breed him to unregistered mares to avoid situations like you are experiencing. That said, if it’s Ginny, you would not not be able to register her due to the lack of info on her mother. However, her mother was a beautiful, athletic and kind horse and Ginny is the same. Grama Open Main (Chachi) is an amazing, super athletic and kind Stallion with lots of show jumping progeny. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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Hi! I’m trying to track down my mare’s only foal. I bought my mare on the condition the previous owners could keep the foal. Your description sounds just like her (grade mare, sired by Grama Open Main). The filly’s name was Ginny or “Gone to Neverland”. If this is her, PLEASE let me know. I would love an update on how she is doing. Thank you in advance!