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Can you guys help me with a tattoo?

My niece has an around 18 yo OTTB. Can you all help me with reading

his tattoo?

We will do the DNA thing is this doesn’t work out for us.

Color? Photos of any markings?

He is a bay. He has a starPuffStar

K O’s Puffalumps, 2007, K07190, Diagonal star, pointed to right on top. Median cowlick slightly above eye level.


I feel pretty confident about this one. The numbers are clear, and the feet of the K are visible in your tattoo pics. How have you aged this horse to 18? Teeth can be so deceptive.


That was the age we got when we got him. But given his barn name was Puff, I think you might be right.

How can I get pictures from when he was on the track? I don’t know much about how to do this. Anything you can do to help would be great!

Aww, that’s sweet that he’s kept part of his registered name!

You can order two of his win shots here:



Simkie! THANK YOU SOOOO much. You are going to make my niece soooo happy!

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One more question. Is there a way to get the videos of the races? I paid for the one day subscription.

You should be able to download them from Equibase, although you might need a third party utility. If there’s no option to save, Google around for how to download video from the web, and I’m sure you’ll turn something up.

You might also ask the photographer if he has video to sell.

Play it on your phone and do a screen recording.

Wow, that’s him alright… the star matches.

Thanks guys for all your help. We got the video off the internet (didn’t want to record with the phone as the quality was not good to begin with). You guys have helped make a girl very happy!

Nice to find out, too, that he’s a couple of years younger than was thought.