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Can you wear white breeches and a shadbelly for a hunter derby?

Would you get penalized by the judge in a hunter derby for wearing white breeches with a shadbelly instead of tan? Just curious.

You won’t be penalized, no.

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would wear white if they weren’t forced to, but that’s just me being the living, breathing version of Pigpen.


This. ^. If you take from foxhunting, formal attire: white breeches are more common for men to wear with frock coats, women tan, beige or canary (taken from Horse Country Life). In the show world, things are based on fox hunting attire but not as much any longer. If you feel the need to wear white… go for it.

I have never seen anyone wear white breeches with a shadbelly, but as said above there isn’t a rule about it and you won’t be penalized. Typically, if you see someone wearing white breeches in a derby, they’ll wear their regular show coat (Havens Schatt comes to mind).