Canadian Horse Info Booth at Equine Affaire!

Have you ever heard of the Canadian Horse? Nope, not a Canadian Warmblood/TB/Sport Horse, but “just” a Canadian? This endangered breed is the up and coming sport horse with the stamina for three-day eventing, the flexibility and movement for dressage, and the power for jumping, all with a great work ethic and a very reasonable price. Come find out more about this breed at booth 2301 in the Stroh Building.

Yes I am familiar with the breed.
They are very good all around horse for lower level in pretty much all discipline. Once in a while and if you get to know your bloodlines, you’ll find one that has the physionomy and talent to go up the level (some did med to advanced levels in jumpers, some went up to PSG in dressage). I am not sure they are the “new” sport horses but sure they can give lots and lots of fun to their owner. Some breeders are preaching for keeping the breed as it was (traditionnal, 14.2-15.2hh, stocky, good for driving, farm work, pleasure riding, etc.) and other breeders think they should refine the breed to get more market for the sport (fancier, better moving for dressage rather than just knee action, taller, etc.)

They were bred to be all around, and I believe they are very good at it.