Canadian Riders to Tokyo

Good luck to all riders and safe travels! Will be an interesting year of the Olympics for sure!

So Colleen fell again at the tat event, this time on XC. Does this change anything I wonder?

Who knows…not us, we don’t get told anything :joy:

Interesting JP didn’t go down but Colleen did. Wonder why they have different ways of prepping? I hope our team riders are getting the support they need.


I’d say that Rotti didn’t need another run & they were trying to protect him from a bizarre last minute injury. He & Jessie are experienced professionals. Hopefully, they can get it done for Canada!!! :crossed_fingers::canada:


That’s what I was thinking too, plus he did Bromont and I think maybe just the travel logistics.

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From her social media, it looks like JP is training with Ingrid Klimke right now. Personally, I might take that opportunity over the observation event.


Yeah I’m wondering if it was virtual? I think she must be travelling over with the dressage team.

Wow! Karl’s wife is having another public FB tantrum. I can’t help but think that that will hurt Karl’s chances in the future. They put him on a plane, make a decision that she doesn’t agree with & she publicly pops off, again… I thought she had learned from her pre-KY meltdown - the one where she called anyone not donating to Save K3DE “selfish” because Karl has a dream & works hard. Don’t they all?!?

I feel like it should also be known that the selector(s) from Canada get ZERO support or budget. They pay their own travel, hotels, meals, etc. to go to the big events. Can you imagine the time & personal expense they put up to try to do the right thing only have their emails filled with nastiness. It’s a sad.


there are quite a few comments / replies from ULRs or officials that appear to agree with Katlyn, but mostly doing so in a calm, rationale, less emotional manner.

I do agree that she is not doing Karl any favours posting in this manner.

While Colleen seemed to me to be the only rider whose spot was pretty well assured, it does concern me that she fell off after a refusal at the US mandatory outing, where (I think) everyone else jumped around without XC jumping penalties.

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Doesn’t matter, he won’t get on the team if she shut her mouth either.

EC rider spots appear to be bought and paid for in advance.

Lawsuit threats if riders don’t get picked? How many times now?

I hope EC sees how it is destroying the future of Eventing in Canada by making it appear that only one rider in the country matters. Would be different if they had results like Eric Lamaze, but the results aren’t there. At all.


I haven’t followed super closely. What riders used lawsuits to get on teams in the past?

there may be others, but this is the only one can think of at the moment

Something about her post makes me think Karl may have tried that route, as well. The timing of the post is odd, when the team has been named for quite some time. She made several comments about “fighting” for his spot, too:

He showed his strength these last few days fighting for his spot

I’m proud of my husband for fighting for himself.

This is about my husband fighting for what he deserves.

I don’t judge riders for exercising their rights. It is their business and their livelihood as well as their dream, and as long as the process is available to all who feel the need, it is their right. My understanding is that, in the case Jealoushe linked, the independent body determined that not only was the decision incorrect and should be reversed, but that the rider should have some of her costs covered as well due to the severity of the wrong. It’s important that an option be available to athletes in situations like that.

I do get frustrated when riders (or their partners) make comments like “He worked his butt off this winter traveling, competing, putting our buisness and family 2nd to his Olympic dreams! He has the passion to make a true Olympian and he SHOULD be getting on that plane in a few days no question!” There is no such thing as an Olympian who doesn’t work hard. Unfortunately, it’s not the only prerequisite, and there are more hard-working people than there are spots. No one is entitled to an Olympic ticket.


wow, you clearly read her post far more closely and gave it more thought, than i did. The only thing that struck me as odd was the timing of the post, when as you noted, the team was named almost 2 weeks ago.

I happily defer to you on the “reading between the lines” analysis.

Stupid COVID - I spend too much time on the internet these days, I’ll admit. Until the Olympics start I apparently don’t have enough to keep me busy! :laughing:


Don Goode sued EC more than once & JP wasn’t his only rider. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Actually the team was just named. It was provisional until yesterday, which I believe he most likely was appealing his alternate spot.

I’m shocked with Colleen having two falls in such a short period of time. Not very encouraging to go to the Olympics with those falls.

I don’t agree with the Olympics happening at all or even sending anyone, but if you want to go, then have at 'er. But if you wanted to send someone in a year to give them experience and not worry about how you look to the other countries, now would be the time to send someone more inexperienced to give them a taste of it. But we don’t even have a coach, sooo LOL

I do think Karl worked hard (not harder then others) this year, he was definitely aiming for the Olympics and I do think he made all the right steps to been in contention. I do think he had a great run up until Kentucky. He went to enough events to prove himself. I don’t think we had many to choose from though.

What is a little cryptic is the inside person who is also dating/married(?) to a selector who has a personal favourite horse and rider who is going…
To me, that’s a conflict of interest I’d be bothered about.

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Pavarotti was also ridden by Karl Slezak at one point.

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And that person also once sued EC about not being named to a team, although didn’t win the suit I don’t think. This was many years ago.

From what I understand it was not Karl threatening the law suits.